April 29th 2007
Clearwater Florida

With temps in the mid to upper 80’s, and a 10-mph wind that came and went, we made some more QUAD memories in central Florida.

In the rules meeting the question was asked about the disc we have been using since The QUAD began. How do you feel about the Fastback (or Hero) disc? Are the competitors happy with the disc choice? Or would they like to see other discs allowed along with the Fastback disc? It seemed to me that The QUAD competitors are very happy with the Fastback disc.

The new rule about weighing the discs before use was also brought up. The digital weight scale was allowed to be used for weighing discs before the competition began. While it worked fine inside my home on the counter, it was so sensitive that the wind outside caused multiple readings from the same disc when it was placed on the scale more than once. So before the competition started, the weight scale rule was abandoned. Another method for complete disc equality will have to be devised before it can be deployed.

WOMEN'S DIVISION  Heat 1 was a modified heat with only 3 teams, and started out with a never before seen triple strike-out. When the heat was over it was Angelica Steinker & ZOOMIE edging out Sara Duke & BAYER by just 1-yd. Heat 2 was a modified heat too with only 3 teams. Barbara Milledge & JOKER were in it, but never really challenged Ann Farmer & PARTY’s 44-yd catch in the Final Round. In Heat 2 Liz McGuire & RORY ran away with it on a 32.5-yd catch and were never really challenged. We saw Sarah Duke & BAYER, Kerry Samet & MAGGIE, and Barbara Milledge & JOKER fighting hard in the Last Chance Heat. By half a yard with a 38.5-yd catch it was Barbara Milledge & JOKER advancing to the Finals.

WOMEN'S DIVISION FINALS  In Round One Liz McGuire & RORY were left exposed on a 33-yd catch. The rest of the crew only used a total of 4-throws to end Team RORY’s day. Ann Farmer & PARTY made the throws needed in Round Two, but they were toast after a much feared strike-out. Barbara Milledge & JOKER take the lead in the Final Round on a 37-yd catch. With their 2nd throw, Angelica Steinker & ZOOMIE make a statement by grabbing the lead on the longest catch of the day in the division, a 49-yd catch. Team JOKER‘s last throw really stepped it up with their longest catch of the day, good for 45-yds. It was however 4-yds short of what was needed, and Angelica Steinker & ZOOMIE score the win in their first QUAD appearance.

WOMEN'S OPEN DIVISION  With a 63-yd throw, the strongest arm in the division, Michelle Chenoweth & BUG got scorched on a much feared strike-out in Heat 1. In Round two of Heat 1 Colleen Hegyi & HAZE give Janice Hensley & RICO the business by a yard and a half in a tie-breaker. Team HAZE then gets abused by Susan Markham & HURRICANE. It’s Team HURRICANE into the Finals. Heat 2 was all Donna Schoech & RUDOLPH VALENTINO. With only 3 throws, all in the 50’s, they easily made the Finals. In the Last Chance Heat the top two teams also advanced to the Finals. Michelle Chenoweth & BUG only needed one throw (53.5-yds), while Dale Avick & XENA needed two throws (46.5-yds) to get the job done.

WOMEN'S OPEN FINALS  In Round One Dale Avick & XENA left themselves exposed on a 44-yd catch. The remaining suspects used a total of only three throws to bring the nasty axe down on Team XENA. Donna Schoech actually loaned Michelle Chenoweth her dog LADY BUG in this competition, and was seen at the throwing line helping Michelle Chenoweth & BUG in Round Two do their best to beat Donna herself. Team BUG came up 4-yds short of Donna Schoech & RUDY (51-yds), and they were gone. In the Final Round, Donna Schoech & RUDY use their 2nd throw to grab the lead at 51-yds. Susan Markham & HURRICANE gave it a great effort, but a much feared strike-out handed Donna Schoech & RUDY their 2nd win in a row in the Women’s Open Division.

MEN'S DIVISION  In Heat 1 Mario Matute & BLACKIE used only three throws to simply crush the competition on their way to the Finals. Tracy Farmer & RUSTY were out thrown on all but one throw in Heat 2. It was the much feared strike-out that toasted Gary Duke & BAYER and sent Tracy Farmer & RUSTY onto the Finals. In Heat 3 Bob Hegyi & BUSTER’s 46-yd catch was too much for Kevin Eroskey & BROOK to overcome, and sent Team BUSTER into the Finals. A 50 and 56-yd catch in the Last Chance Heat gave Gary Duke & BAYER their birth into the Finals, but they were seriously challenged by a 55-yd catch from Kevin Eroskey & BROOK.

MEN'S FINALS  In Round One Bob Hegyi & BUSTER score for 49-yds with their 2nd throw. The remaining suspects were just simply ruthless, that’s right, a total of only three throws were used to axe team BUSTER. Tracy Farmer & RUSTY score a team record 54-yd catch in Round Two. The remaining suspects were again just simply ruthless, that’s right, a total of only two throws were used to axe team RUSTY. One of those two throws were a monster 70-yd catch by Gary Duke & BAYER. In the Final Round Mario Matute & BLACKIE grab the lead at 60.5-yds. Team BAYER challenge it hard with a 71-yd toss, but it’s a miss. Mario & BLACKIE then extend their lead with a 61.5-yd catch. On their 2nd throw Gary Duke & BAYER turn it up with a 63-yd catch to seize the lead. Mario & BLACKIE did themselves proud and made a 67-yd toss that would have won it, but it’s a miss. In their very first QUAD, Gary Duke & BAYER score a 70-yd catch, and win their division.

MEN'S OPEN DIVISION  In Heat 1 Matt DiAno & MAGGIE tie John Troelstrup & KAZI in the Final Round with a 72-yd catch. In the tie-breaker it was Matt DiAno & MAGGIE taking the Finals spot. Joe Ryan & MIA needed all three throws in Heat 2 to edge out Chuck Hensley & RICO by half a yard (65-yds). Unfortunately a foot-fault wiped it out and brought some ice cold axe down upon Joe Ryan & MIA. Darron Barrus & MOO then punished Chuck Hensley & RICO by 10-yds to move onto the Finals. In the Last Chance Heat the top two teams also advanced into the Finals. John Troelstrup & KAZI needed all three throws to axe Tim Bishton & WHEELIE, while Chuck Hensley & RICO only needed one throw (68-yds) to get the job done. Joe Ryan & MIA’s last throw of 71-yds would have put them in, but the miss ended their day.

MEN'S OPEN FINALS  Every team in Round One produced, except Matt DiAno & MAGGIE, crushed by the much feared strike-out. In Round Two every team produced, except Chuck Hensley & RICO, crushed by the much feared strike-out. Before the Finals began we were locked in a 72-yd tie for longest catch of the day. On the microphone the Hoot talked about cutting the trophy in half when Darron Barrus promised he would do something about it, and he did. On Team MOO’s first throw in the Final Round, they scored a 73-yd catch. It was then John Troelstrup & KAZI’s turn to get crushed by the much feared strike-out. It took Darron Barrus & MOO five years, but they overcame some serious trash talk by Matt DiAno and grab their first win.

Jeff Hoot, Director

                         Women's Div
                         1 Angelica Steinker  ZOOMIE (49)
                         2 Barbara Milledge  JOKER (45)
                         3 Ann Farmer  PARTY (47)
                         4 Liz McGuire  RORY (33)
                         5 Kerry Samet  MAGGIE (38.5)
                         6 Sarah Duke  BAYER (37)
                         7 Kat Fahle  TALI (26)
                         8 Barb Giacobe  RIOT (25)

Longest Catch Women's Div.  49-yds A. Steinker - ZOOMIE

                         Women's Open Div
                         1 Donna Schoech  RUDY (55.5)
                         2 Susan Markham  HURRICANE (56)
                         3 Michelle Chenoweth  BUG (60)
                         4 Dale Avick  XENA (47.5)
                         5 Colleen Hegyi  HAZE (50)
                         6 Janice Hensley  RICO (41)
                         7 Maggie Ozner  GYPSY KYLEEN (39)

Longest Catch Women's Open Div.  60-yds M. Chenoweth - BUG

                         Men's Div
                        1 Gary Duke  BAYER (70)
                        2 Mario Matute  BLACKIE (61.5)
                        3 Tracy Farmer  RUSTY (54)
                        4 Bob Hegyi  BUSTER (49)
                        5 Kevin Eroskey  BROOK (55)
                        6 Jack Fahle  TALI (47)
                        7 Michael Pastrana  ILIO (44.5)
                        8 Brian Chapin  RILEY (21)

Longest Catch Men's Div.  70-yds G. Duke - BAYER

                         Men's Open Div
                         1 Darron Barrus  The MOO (73)
                         2 John Troelstrup  KAZI (72)
                         3 Chuck Hensley  RICO (68)
                         4 Matt DiAno  MAGGIE (72)
                         5 Tim Bishton  WHEELIE (61.5)
                         6 Joe Ryan  MIA

Longest Catch Men's Open Div.  73-yds D. Barrus - The MOO