May 1st 2005
Clearwater Florida

Clearwater High School Football Stadium was the site of the latest competition. The night before the contest was fairly ugly, wind, rain, and lightning. In the morning it started out not looking very good, but then things began to improve. Mother nature gave us a smile and let us have a nice time.

WOMENíS DIVISION. Heat (1) was a strikeout for Kerry Samet & SUP and it gave Linda Lack & KAZI an easy ride to the Finals. Heat (2) was almost a strikeout for Dale Avick & XENA, but their 34-yd catch was not enough to stop Ann Farmer & RUSTY from going to the Finals. Heat (3) was also a strikeout for Carol Lane Tresan & SKEETER, it gave Ruth West & TIGGER an easy ride to the Finals. The Last Chance Heat saw Dale Avick & XENA grab the last spot in the Finals on a 50.5-yd catch.

WOMENíS FINALS. Round (1) began with yet another much feared strikeout. Linda Lack & KAZI watched the remaining teams not waste much time in scoring a catch and moving on. Round (2) was a good battle. After getting eliminated in Heat (2), Dale Avick & XENA returned the favor and ended the day for Ann Farmer & RUSTY. The Final Round was Team TIGGER against Team XENA. Ruth West & TIGGER took the lead on their first throw. Dale Avick & XENA then seized control of the lead on a 46.5-yd catch. Ruth West & TIGGER gave it a fantastic effort with throws of 51 and 55 yards, yet they were both misses. The result was Dale Avick & XENA taking the win at their very first QUAD event.

WOMENíS OPEN DIVISION. Heat (1) saw Lorrie Mills & AUSSOME take a spot in the Finals from Christi Goodman & RIDER by half a yard. Heat (2) saw the strongest arm in the Womenís Open get toasted by the much-feared strikeout, Michelle Chenoweth & STORM. Donna Schoech & DYLAN saved themselves from a strikeout on their last throw and took a spot in the Finals on a 56.5-yd catch. In Heat (3) Brittney Mattison & JOULES gave Colleen Heygi & HAZE the business. Team JOULES went to the Finals on a 53.5-yd catch. In the Last Chance Heat Christi Goodman & RIDER took the lead from Jane Brunton & RINGO by half a yard (49.5). Once again the strongest arm in the division got burned by the much feared strikeout, Michelle Chenoweth & STORM went out with a 60-yd miss that send Christi Goodman & RIDER to the Finals.

WOMENíS OPEN FINALS. In Round (1) Lorrie Mills & AUSSOME felt the sting of the much-feared strikeout. The remaining teams did not make safe easy throws, they all went long and quickly ended the day for Team AUSSOME. Round (2) was again nearly a strikeout by Donna Schoech & DYLAN, but their last throw, a 50-yd catch, ended the day for Christi Goodman & RIDER. It was then time for 14-year-old Brittney Mattison to face one of the best women in the entire history of the disc dog sport, Donna Schoech. On their first throw in the Final Round, Brittney Mattison & JOULES did the unbelievable and seized control on a huge 57.3-yd catch. It was too much for Donna Schoech & DYLAN to overcome. Team DYLAN had a 57-yd throw that made it ever so close, but it was a miss. After not even being sure she should step up from the lower womenís division, Brittney Mattison & JOULES score an impressive win over the Womenís Open Division.

MENíS DIVISION. Heat (1) was a sight to see. There was a very small Border Collie/Corgii mix by the name a KRASH DOGG. His thrower Eric Torres proved those short little legs were no handicap. Team KRASH DOGG kicked butt and took names as they grabbed a spot in the Finals. Heat (2) was strikeout city. When the dust settled it was Travis Arnold & KAZIís 53-yd catch that sent them to the Finals. In Heat (3) Mark McConnell & DALTON took control with the first throw of the Final Round and never looked back on the way to the Finals. The Last Chance Heat was up for grabs with plenty of more strikeouts. It was Denverís Matt DiAno & MAGGIE who took that last spot in the Finals with a 59.5-yd catch.

MENíS FINALS. Round (1) left Travis Arnold & KAZI exposed with a 38.3-yd catch. The other teams showed Team KAZI the axe of elimination with multiple catches in the 50ís. Round (2) was almost a strikeout for Mark McConnell & DALTON, yet the 41-yd catch they scored was not enough to stop their elimination. Matt DiAno & MAGGIE make the bold choice of throwing first in the Final Round. It proved successful as Team MAGGIE took the lead on a 51-yd catch. The short legs of KRASH DOGG & Eric Torresís throwing made it close, yet the 48-yd catch they scored was not enough to take the win from Matt DiAno & MAGGIE.

MENíS OPEN DIVISION. Heat (1) went down to John Arnett & ASTRO and Andy Busby & LC. On an 82-yd catch Andy Busby & LC move onto the Finals. Heat (2) was a weak one for John Troelstrup & RILEY as they could not produce a catch higher than the upper 60ís. Chris Sexton & LAIKA closed the door on them with multiple catches in the mid 70ís. Heat (3) was a step up for Joe RYAN and a borrowed dog named XENA. Itís hard to do well with a borrowed dog, but Joe Ryan & XENA scored for 70.5 yards. Darren Barrus & THE MOO had the answer though, their 75.5 yard catch moved them onto the Finals. The Last Chance Heat was big, very big. Catches in the mid to upper 70ís made things hard on John Troelstrup & RILEY. Team RILEY answered with just one throw, a new team record for 86.6-yds, and onto the Finals for Team RILEY.

MENíS OPEN FINALS. Round (1) was the most difficult to advance out of in QUAD history. The last team to step up to the throwing line, John Troelstup & RILEY, needed more than 81 yards to avoid that ice cold axe of elimination. Catches in the mid 70ís failed to get the job done, and Team RILEY was gone. Round (2) left Chris Sexton & LAIKA exposed on a 68-yd catch. Team MOO and Team LC only used one throw each to end the day for Chris Sexton & LAIKA. Throwing first in the Final Round Darren Barrus & THE MOO grab the lead at 68-yds. A miss by Busby & LC allowed Team MOO to extend their lead to 73.3-yds. As Andy Busby spoke some words of encouragement to LC at the throwing line, a choir of angels began to sing in the background. The throw seemed like it was never going to come down, and LC had to wait on itís arrival. LC nailed it at 95 yards and sent everyone on that field into an eruption. Darren Barrus later said at that moment, he knew it was over. Team MOO still had one throw left, but it came up 21-yds short. Andy Busby & LC win, and are now the only team to have ever scored a catch in the 90ís at The QUADRUPED.

Jeff Hoot, Director



Womenís Div.
1 Dale Avick  XENA  (51.5)
2 Ruth West  TIGGER  (46)
3 Ann Farmer  RUSTY  (42.5)
4 Linda Lack  KAZI  (29.5)
5 Kerry Samet  SUP  (15)
6 Carol Lane Tresan  SKEETER

Longest Catch Womenís Div. 51.5-yds  Dale Avick - XENA

Womenís Open Div.
1 Brittney Mattison  JOULES  (57.3)
2 Donna Schoech  DYLAN  (56.5)
3 Christi Goodman  RIDER  (49.5)
4 Lorrie Mills  AUSSOME  (47)
5 Jane Brunton  RINGO  (49)
6 Colleen Hegyi  HAZE  (42.5)
7 Janice Hensley  RIKER  (40)
8 Michelle Chenoweth  STORM

Longest Catch Womenís Open Div.  57.3-yds  Brittney Mattison - JOULES

Menís Div.
1 Matt DiAno  MAGGIE  (65)
2 Eric Torres  KRASH DOGG  (59)
3 Mark McConnell  DALTON  (57.5)
4 Travis Arnold  KAZI  (53)
5 Michael Pastrana  ILIO  (57)
6 Bob Hegyi  BUSTER  (51)
7 Tracy Farmer  OREO  (47)
8 Chuck Hensley  RIKER  (45)
9 Robert Berris  BRODY
9 Mario Matute  BLACKIE
9 Darin Williams  HYDRO

Longest Catch Menís Div.  65-yds  Matt DiAno - MAGGIE

Menís Open Div.
1 Andy Busby  LC  (95)
2 Darron Barrus  THE MOO  (81)
3 Chris Sexton  LAIKA  (84)
4 John Troelstrup  RILEY  (86.6)
5 Greg Tresan  STINGER  (77)
6 John Arnett  ASTRO  (74)
7 Joe Ryan  XENA  (70.5)

Longest Catch Menís Open Div.  95-yds  Andy Busby - LC