April 25 2004

Nice weather was our reward for picking April this year. Mid 80ís with a nice little breeze for our competitors. Speaking of which, the competitors willingly handed over some absolutely fantastic memories this weekend. Great sportsmanship, electric performances, and not a single foot fault all day long.

As promised, there was a vote in the rules meeting about what direction we would be throwing in. The wind pattern was explained, and then they were asked their opinion. Every single competitor stepped south, turned and faced north, except one. Darran Barrus, keeper of The MOO, was the only thrower who wanted to throw into the wind. Mr Barrus took it well as he faced the entire field that was trying hard to contain their laughter.

Womenís Div. Heat 1 was a mother and daughter duel with Brittaney Mattison & JOULES spanking mom on their way to the Finals. Heat 2 was won by Lyn Vautier & CHACO TOCO by ten yards. Heat 3 was a painful strikeout in the Final Round by Ann Farmer & RUSTY. It gave Ruth West & TIGGER, the first Grey Hound in a QUAD, an easy path to the Finals. In the last chance heat, Carol Tresan & SKEETER took the lead on a 34-yd catch. They held it right to the end when Ann Farmer & RUSTY edged them out by about a foot (34.3). Ann & RUSTY then had the same thing happen to them by the last team. Chara Helton & MAGGIE MAE ll snag the last spot in the Finals on a 34.6-yd catch.

In the
Womenís Div. Finals, Chara Helton & MAGGIE MAE ll are stung by the much feared strikeout in Round One. The rest of the teams moved on with catches in the upper 20ís. Round Two gobbled up Ruth West & TIGGER with a much feared strikeout. In the Final Round Brittney Mattison & JOULES took the lead on their 2nd toss, good for 32.3-yds. Lyn Vautier & CHACO TACO put the pressure on with their 2nd throw, good for 40-yds and the lead. Down to her last throw, 13 year old Brittney Mattison competing against all adults, who had averaged only upper 20ís and lower 30ís to that point, needed something big. With possibly the throw of her young life, Brittney completes to JOULES for 49-yds, takes the lead, and gets bathed in a huge ovation. Team CHACO TACO gave it a great effort on their last catch, good for 45.5-yds, but not enough to spoil the win for Team JOULES.

Womenís Open Div. Heat 1 gobbled up Connie Carstens & CALI right off the bat with a strikeout. The remaining teams only needed one throw each to advance. Christi Goodman & RIDER made it to the Final Round, but Joel BUDD & RIVERís 47-yd catch sent them to the Finals. Heat 2 was a painful strikeout for Michelle Chenoweth & JAKE, their last throw went 64-yds. Linda Lack & RILEY were not able to overcome Colleen Hegyi & BUSTERís 43-yd catch, sending Team BUSTER to the Finals. With only two heats in this division, the last chance heat had the top two advancing. The two that made it were Linda Lack & RILEY(39.5), and Michelle Chenoweth (45.5).

In the
Womenís Open Div. Finals, Linda Lack & RILEY were the first to be introduced to the axe. They scored for a 33.5-yd catch, but is was 4-yds short of what they needed. In Round Two Michelle Chenoweth & JAKE came up with some big throws, one that went 54-yds, but you guessed it, STING, the much feared strikeout. Does Joel Budd go short and easy to make the Final Round, NO. Team RIVER cranks one out good for 46-yds. Colleen Hegyi & BUSTER grab the lead first in the Final Round, only to watch Joel Budd & RIVER grab it right back with a 41.5-yd catch. Team BUSTERís 2nd throw was weak at 31-yds, but on their last throw, they get off a 44.3-yd catch that takes the lead back. The last throw from Joel Budd & RIVER was a nightmare come true. It hooked hard right and into the EZ-Ups, absolutely no chance, giving the win to Team BUSTER.

Menís Div. Heat 1 gobbled up yet another team with the much feared strikeout, Joe Ryan & JC. In the Final Round, Michael Pastrana & ILIO moved onto the Finals with a 46-yd catch over Bob Hegyi & BUSTER. Heat 2 was a battle between Mark McConnell & DALTON and Mathew Wise & TWIX. It was the veterans Mark McConnell & DALTON who delivered the axe and moved onto the Finals with a 49-yd catch. Also with only two heats in this division, the last chance heat had the top two advancing. Joe Ryan & JC needed all 3 throws, while Tracy Farmer & OREO only need one throw before both teams moved into the Finals.

Over the years, Joe Ryanís dog JC has been the only Weimaraner to ever compete in The QUAD. In the
Menís Div. Finals we had two Weimaraners, JC and Michael Pastranaís ILIO (beautiful dogs). Round One was very tight, with QUAD virgins Tracy Farmer & OREO getting the axe first. All 3 teams remaining turned it up a notch in Round Two, suddenly catches went from the upper 40ís to the upper 50ís. Unfortunately for Mark McConnell & DALTON, their 57.5-yd catch was not enough to make the Final Round. It was awesome to watch the two Weimaraners battle it out for the win. Joe Ryan & JC did not wait until their last throw to make a catch this time. They jumped out to a 64-yd catch on their first throw. It was too much for Michael Pastrana & ILIO to overcome and gave the win to Team JC.

Menís Open Div. Heat 1 started slow and then exploded. Greg Tresan & STINGER just avoided the axe with their last throw, good for 46-yds. It was Tim Boyce & TARA who felt the brutal axe of elimination first. Round Two started with throws in the 70ís, but it was a painful strikeout for veterans John Macmillian & SPARKY. The Final Round was simply an epic adventure. Andy Busby & LC, with a mild tailwind, unload an 82-yd catch. Greg Tresan & STINGER on their second throw seize the lead by just one foot, good for 82.3-yds. Down to their last throw, Andy Busby & LC need something special, and they did not fail us. When it left Andyís hand, it was clear, this was the throw that dreams are made of. Perfect hyzer, perfect height, perfectly right down the middle, and it floated at the end of the field (hovered). For some reason, LC lost it for just a fraction, but picked it up almost immediately, yet that was all it took. We are talking about a 95-yd throw that was missed by nothing more than a few whiskers. Call it a lucky break for Team STINGER if you want, however, I find it hard to view an 82.3-yd catch just when it was needed as luck.

Heat 2 was a close duel between Todd Duncan & LEVI and the keeper of The MOO, Darran Barrus & MOOLY. They both went into the Final Round with catches in the upper 60ís. Darran Barrus & The MOO pulled it out on a 71-yd catch to make the Finals. Heat 3 saw Chris Sexton & LAIKA get toasted by the much feared strikeout. Craig Rogers & RIGGS then pull off a major upset by taking out 3-Time Champions John Troelstrup & RILEY on a 60-yd catch. The last chance heat started with a pair of strikeouts, and then Andy Busby & LC took control on a 76-yd catch. They held it right up to the last Open competitor. Needing only one throw, Chris Sexton & LAIKA take the last Finals spot with a 79-yd catch.

Round One of the
Menís Open Div. Finals was almost a strikeout for Greg Tresan & STINGER. Their last throw went for a catch of 52-yds sending that nasty axe of elimination in the direction of Craig Rogers & RIGGS. Round Two was almost a strikeout for Darran Barrus & The MOO. Their last throw was rather high and it forced MOOLY to look and look and look to find the disc. MOO finally found it, then made a fantastic catch to keep them alive (50-yds). Throws in the 40ís was not what Chris Sexton & LAIKA wanted, but a 44-yd catch was all they could produce. Out came the ice cold steel axe, and CHOP, Team LAIKA was eliminated. With a wind shift, the Final Round was a different place, it was now an into the wind throwing direction. Team MOO takes the lead, only to watch Team STINGER take it away on their second throw, good for 45.5-yds. Team MOO makes a good second throw, but the wind shift makes for a tuff catch. At 50.5-yds, MOO bounces it off the snout and a potential winning toss falls as a miss. Both teams then get off last throws in the upper 50ís, yet both are missed, giving Greg Tresan & STINGER ďThe Bell RingerĒ first place.

Jeff Hoot, Director


  Womenís Div.
1st Brittney Mattison - JOULES (49)
2nd Lyn Vautier - CHACO TACO (45.5)
3rd Ruth West - TIGGER (36)
4th Chara Helton - MAGGIE MAE ll (34.6)
5th Ann Farmer - RUSTY (37.5)
6th Linnea Boyce - AURORA (34) (33.5)
7th Carol Lane Tresan - SKEETER (34)
8th Michelle McConnell - TURNER (21)
9th Barbara Giacobe - RIOT (18)

Womenís Open Div.
1st Colleen Hegyi - BIG AIR BUSTER (44.3)
2nd Joel Budd - RIVER (47)
3rd Michelle Chenoweth - JAKE (46.5)
4th Linda Lack - RILEY (39.5)
5th Christi Goodman - RED ROCKET RIDER (42)
6th Janice Hensley - RIKER (38.6)
7th Connie Carstens - CALI

Menís Div.
1st Joe Ryan - JC (64)
2nd Michael Pastrana - ILIO (58.5)
3rd Mark McConnell - DALTON (57.5)
4th Tracy Farmer - OREO (49.6)
5th Bob Hegyi - BIG AIR BUSTER (42)
6th Mathew Wise - TWIX (38.5)
7th Joe Pfrommer - SALLIE (33.5)

Menís Open Div.
1st Greg Tresan - STINGER (82.3)
2nd Darran Barrus - THE MOO (71)
3rd Chris Sexton - LAIKA (79)
4th Craig Rogers - RIGGS (60)
5th Andy Busby - LC (82)
6th Todd Duncan - LEVI (72.5)
7th John Macmillan - SPARKY (64.5)
8th John Toelstrup - RILEY (60)
9th Drew Carlyle - ZIPPIN ZOE (55.5)
10th Chuck Hensley - RASCAL (52.5)
11th Timothy Boyce - TARA (43.5)