Click on this line to see a graphic explanation of the STANDARD HEAT.


For years we have tweaked and modified how this format is run. Today it sits where nobody shows up to compete, makes 3-throws, and is done for the day. All teams get 6-throws (2-Rounds) to qualify for the Finals. Here is how we currently run it.

There are 3-HEATS for each DIVISION (based on number of competitors). The winner of each HEAT moves onto the Finals. Many times these 3-HEATS are MODIFIED HEATS, that's where there may be more than 4-Teams in the HEAT, but it's still only 3-ROUNDS in length. In a MODIFIED HEAT only the 3-Longest Teams advance from the 1ST ROUND into the 2ND ROUND, and from then on it's same as a STANDARD HEAT (one team gone each round). Everyone who does not make it to the Finals then gets a LAST CHANCE HEAT.

The LAST CHANCE HEAT is normally large, so it is reduced to just ONE ROUND in length, 3-THROWS EACH. The Team with the longest catch in the LAST CHANCE HEAT also makes the Finals.

Our method for determining who goes in what HEAT and where is to have each thrower without their dog take one throw down the field before starting. Everyone's distance is collected and then sorted in order from shortest to longest. The shortest throw goes first in HEAT-1, the next shortest throw goes first in HEAT-2, and so on until all 3-HEATS are filled up. It is a significant advantage to end up throwing later or last in your HEAT.

Once we have all the 4-DIVISIONS sorted, we start the competition with the BIG GUNS, that's right, the MEN'S OPEN. No soft start anymore like we once used to do, it's straight to the best talent right off the bat. After we get our 4 Finalists in MEN'S OPEN, we move to the WOMEN'S DIVISION, then MEN'S DIVISION, and finish with the WOMEN'S OPEN DIVISION. Once the Finalists are all determined, the order of running then becomes WOMEN'S Div, MEN'S Div, WOMEN'S OPEN Div, and MEN'S OPEN Div.


Show up and make some memories with us.

Jeff Hoot