August 12th 2007
Denver Colorado


The heat was on with temperatures for our 10th year in the Denver area. Record highs for this time of year had us into the 90ís before we knew it. At one point in the day there was a reading of 98 degrees in the shade, and 108 degrees in the sun. With light winds and plenty of water we motored through the record attendance longest hottest QUAD ever.

WOMENíS DIV.  In Heat (1) a strikeout got Connie Busby & CODY, that left it up to Jennifer Brisse & CHEYENNE against Alycia Patencio & ARIES. It was Team CHEYENNE all the way, until the final throw. With a 29‑Meter catch Alycia Patencio & ARIES return to the Finals once again. Heat (2) saw Cassi Anderson & TRINITY challenge Becky Mueller & FLYGIRL and Sue Visocchi & FABI. The axe of elimination got Team TRINITY, as well as Team FLYGIRL. That was because Sue Visocchi & FABI just kept getting better and better with each throw. Team FABI powered their way into the Finals on a 46‑Meter catch. Heat (3) came down to Sarah Duke & BAYER, Kerry Samet & SHAYNA, and Nadja Palenzuela & CLEMENTINE. Great throwing by Team BAYER made the much‑feared strikeout extra painful. It was the exact same story for Team CLEMENTINE, great throwing, with a painful strikeout. Kerry Samet takes a new dog to the Finals, SHAYNA. In The Last Chance Heat we had 13‑yr old Kirby Mcilveen & SKETCH make a big statement on a 37‑Meter catch. Edging her out by just a few Meters was Connie Busby & CODY at 40‑Meters. Knocking hard on the door to get into the Finals was Becky Mueller & FLYGIRL. They missed by only half a meter. Sarah Duke & BAYER along with Mimi Winter & REACTOR CORE were also in the hunt, but fell just short as well. It came down to Nadja Palenzuela having to break the 40‑Meter barrier, and with her second throw she did. On a 40.3‑Meter catch Team CLEMENTINE slip into the Finals.

WOMENíS FINALS  A 34.5‑Meter catch in Round One was not enough to save Kerry Samet & SHAYNA from the ice cold axe. The last throw in Round Two for Alycia Patencio & ARIES went 45‑Meters, but it was a miss, and the 34.5‑Meter catch left them exposed. The other two teams wasted no time and used only two throws to end Team ARIES day. In the Final Round they saved their best for last. Sue Visocchi & FABI crank out a 48.3‑Meter catch that is too much for Nadja Palenzuela & CLEMENTINE to overcome. Team FABI takes the win at their first QUAD.

WOMENíS OPEN DIV.  Heat (1) had Tracy Williams & FIONA seriously exposed on a 23.3‑Meter catch. The remaining three teams were just ruthless, Team FIONA gone in only three throws. It was a much‑feared strikeout that took Kelly Miller & RIO. In the Final Round a 36‑Meter catch by Pennie Mahon & GABE edge out 2‑time Champions Jane Brunton & RINGO by just one meter. Heat (2) had Kara Gilmore & BANDIT seriously exposed on a 32.5‑Meter catch. This is the Open Division, and the remaining three teams were just ruthless. Team BANDIT gone in only three throws. Then Marie Earle & NANA along with Gayle Omalley & SHEELA show 4‑Time Champ Christi C Sexton and her borrowed dog MOLLY the exit. In the Final Round Gayle Omalley & SHEELA take the lead, only to watch Marie Earle & NANA step up. Team NANA grabs the lead by half a meter at 39‑Meters. On their last throw Gayle Omalley & SHEELA score for 43.6‑Meters and move onto the Finals. Heat (3) Sherry Gacke & STITCH made Cathy Cramer & BONNIE use all three of their throws to get into the next round. Amanda Guth & LUCY only used one throw to send Team STITCH to elimination. In the Final Round Cathy Cramer & BONNIE get a lead of 42.5‑Meters. On their second throw Amanda Guth & LUCY find the lead at 44.6‑Meters. Team BONNIE goes out swinging hard with a 50‑Meter toss that falls as a miss. The Last Chance Heat can be a very interesting thing, and this one did not fail us. The first six teams up beat each other one by one with only a small amount each time until Christi C Sexton & MOLLY landed at 42‑Meters. The two remaining teams of Sherry Gacke & STITCH and Cathy Cramer & BONNIE got within a few meters, but it was Team MOLLY off to the Finals.

WOMENíS OPEN FINALS  In the First Round Pennie Mahon & GABE made all throws in the upper 30ís, with a best catch of 38‑Meters. This however is the Finals, and soon the remaining suspects were all in the 40ís waving goodbye to Team GABE. In Round Two Christi C Sexton & MOLLY and Gayle Omalley & SHEELA had no misses and were safe in the mid 40ís. Amanda Guth had the arm with some competitive throws, but the long day of intense heat may have been a factor with a jet‑black dog used by two throwers. Team LUCY was gone. Gayle Omalley & SHEELA get into the Final Round and find a familiar thorn in their side, that rotten Christi C Sexton with her borrowed dog MOLLY. Thatís right, the Team MOLLY that Team SHEELA eliminated much earlier in the competition. Christi C Sexton & MOLLY score on their first throw for 43.5‑Meters. Gayle Omalley & SHEELA were breathing all over that mark with each throw and had no misses. In the end it was too much. Climbing back into it through the Last Chance Heat on a borrowed dog named MOLLY, Christi C Sexton becomes the first thrower to score 5 wins.

MENíS DIV.  Many thanks to Chris Sexton who stepped up and ran this Division because the Hoot was starting to melt in the mid day sun. Heat (1) took catches of mid 40ís or higher to get into the next round. In Round Two a strikeout took a bite out of Al Erikson & ROXY, but not Jon Sullivan & TSAVO or Daniel Faris & COSMO. That much feared strikeout waited until the Final Round before it took a bite out of Daniel Faris & COSMO. Team TSAVO was off to the Finals. Heat (2) also took catches in the mid 40ís or higher to get into the next round, which was between Bruce Brantley & CASEY, Scott Amman & TOBY, and Brent Broadstone & GUS. Great throwing from Team GUS made their strikeout extra painful. In the Final Round Scott Amman & TOBY score their longest catch of the day, good for 59‑Meters. It is simply too powerful for Bruce Brantley & CASEY to overcome, Team TOBY into the Finals. Heat (3) was between Christopher Landauer & DUBLIN, Brian Muck & LUNA, and Lerot Golden & KARMA. While they had the arm that was making the throws needed, itís Team KARMA getting scorched by the much-feared strikeout. In the Final Round Team DUBLIN gets scorched by the same thing, a strikeout. Brian Muck & LUNA go into the Finals on a 49‑Meter catch. The Last Chance Heat was huge. It wasnít until the sixth team up that we saw the mark that would stand. It was a 59‑Meter catch from Daniel Faris to COSMO, the hardest working dog on the field. Nobody came close to challenging that mark, Team COSMO to the Finals.

MENíS FINALS  In Round One John Sullivan & TSAVO found themselves sitting at 39.5‑Meters. This however is the Finals, and soon the remaining suspects were all in the upper 40ís or higher and waving goodbye to Team TSAVO. In Round Two Brian Muck & LUNA were on the bubble with a 46‑Meter catch. Daniel Faris & COSMO had a throw of 50‑Meters, but it fell as miss. They were left exposed on a 44‑Meter catch. Scott Amman & TOBY needed all three throw to get the job done on a 58‑Meter catch. Team COSMO was gone. In the Final Round Brian Muck & LUNA bumped up their average throw with a pair of throws in the low 50ís, one good for a catch of 52‑Meters. Scott Amman & TOBYís 51‑Meter catch came close, but not close enough to take the win from Brian Muck & LUNA.

MENíS OPEN DIV.  Heat (1) was between Darrel Earle & NANA, Chris Sexton & BANZAI, and Joel Zucker & BAILEY. In Round Two Darrel Earle & NANA are left exposed on a 44‑Meter catch. Teams BANZAI and BAILEY pounce hard and fast. Team NANA is gone. Joel Zucker originally was in the Menís Division, but stepped up to the Open Div. after his seeding throw. He now finds himself facing some of the strongest arm talent The QUAD has ever seen, Chris Sexton & BANZAI. Team BAILEY melts with a strikeout while Team BANZAI powers into the Finals with a 68.3‑Meter catch. Heat (2) had Tom Wehrli trying something new. Every year he shows up at The QUAD and borrows a dog, itís to the point that he has a lot of people after him to throw for their dog. So this year he auctions off his arm to the highest bidder with the proceeds going to a good charity. Christopher Steele steps up, throws down with $100, and shares his incredible dog CHEVY with Tom Wehrli. Team CHEVY then promptly gets punished in the Second Round by Matt DiAno & MAGGIE and Andy Busby & LC (by well over 10‑meters). In the Final Round Matt DiAno & MAGGIE knock on the door hard, but the first of only two catches all day in the 70ís send Andy Busby & LC off to the Finals. Heat (3) left James Commuso & JIGGS exposed in the Second Round on a 47.5‑Meter catch. The remaining suspects pounced hard and fast using minimal throws. Team JIGGS was gone. In the Final Round Gary Duke & BAYER face The Eliminator with his new dog MOJO. Team BAYER grab a lead a 52‑Meters. Mark Jennings second throw to MOJO seizes the lead at 58‑Meters. The second throw from Gary Duke & BAYER was exactly what was needed, 68‑MetersÖbut itís a MISS. Mark Jennings & MOJO are in the Finals. In the Last Chance Heat the fourth team scores for 58.5‑Meters, itís Joel Zucker & BAILEY. The teams of Joe Ryan & MIA, Tom Wehrli & CHEVY, Matt DiAno & MAGGIE, James Commuso & JIGGS, and Gary Duke & BAYER all were dropping bombs close to that mark, but none could pull it off. Joel Zucker & BAILEY grab the last Finals spot.

MENíS OPEN FINALS  Mark Jennings & MOJO go 2 for 3 in the First Round but only get a best catch of 54.5‑Meters. The remaining suspects pounce hard and fast. Three throws later Team MOJO is gone. In Round Two Joel Zucker and BAILEY fade with the much‑feared strikeout. With efficient ruthlessness the remaining teams make it official, Team Bailey gone. In the Final Round Chris Sexton & BANZAI score for 65‑Meters on their first toss. Andy Busby & LC then drop bomb after bomb all over that mark. When the smoke clears it's Chris Sexton & BANZAI claiming the win. Their first win as a team, and Chris Sextonís fourth win as a thrower.

Jeff Hoot, Director



    Womenís Div.
1  Sue Visocchi    FABI  (48.3) METERS
Nadja Palenzuela    CLEMENTINE  (40.3)
3  Alycia Patencio    AIRES  (39)
4  Kerry Samet    SHAYNA  (36)
Connie Busby    CODY  (40)
6  Becky Mueller    FLYGIRL  (39.5)
7  Sarah Duke    BAYER  (37/35)
8  Kerby Mcilveen     SKETCH  (37/18.5)
9  Mimi Winter    REACTOR CORE  (36.5)
10  Cassi Anderson   TRINITY  (32.3)
11  Jennifer Brisse    CHEYENNE  (31.5)
12  Pat Erikson    GEORGE  (25/22)
13  Nicole Brisse    ANGUS  (25)
14  Deb Williamson    LEXI  (24.3)
15  Patty Wood    SteV  (24)
16  Katie Brisse    ZIPPER  (23.5)
17  Jeri Lawrence    SHADOW  (22.6)
18  Joyce McGratt    SteV

Longest Catch  Women's Div.    48.3 Meters  S. Visocchi  -  FABI

    Womenís Open Div.
Christi C Sexton    MOLLY  (43)
Gayle Omalley    SHEELA  (45)
Amanda Guth    LUCY  (46)
4  Pennie Mahon    GABE  (38)
5  Marie Earle    NITRO NANA  (43.5)
Cathy Cramer    BONNIE  (42.5)
7  Sherry Gacke    STITCH  (35.3)
8  Jane Brunton    RINGO  (35)
Kara Gilmore    BANDIT  (33)
10  Kelly Miller    RIO  (30)
11  Tracy Williams   FIONA  (29.5)

Longest Catch Women's Open Div.     46 Meters  A. Guth  - LUCY

    Menís Div
Brian Muck    LUNA  (55.5)
2  Scott Amman    TOBY  (59/56)
Daniel Faris    COSMO  (59/53)
Jon Sullivan    TSAVO  (54)
  Christopher Landauer    DUBLIN  (53)
Anthony Pane    CAMMIE  (52)
7  Al Erikson    ROXY  (50)
Christopher Steele   CHEVY  (47)
9  Jeff Mueller    BANDIT  (46)
10  Bruce Brantley    CASEY  (45.5/45.5/42)
11  Brent Broadstone    GUS  (45.5/45.5)
12  Benny Wong    KD  (45)
13  Peter Boyle    LUCY  (44)
14  David St. Clair    SKETCH  (43.5)
  Lerot Golden    KARMA  (43)
16  Clint Marlow    CASEY  (42)
17  Charles Lawrence    SHADOW  (41.5)
18  CR Sturgis   REACTOR CORE  (40.5)
19  Michael Dilillo    KINKS  (37)
20  David Brisse    GABBY  (35)
21  Tim Williamson    LEXI  (34)
22  Michael Chitwood    ANGLE
22  Reuben Travis    BELLA
22  Gordon Riley   ODO
22  Doug Dornseif    OLLIE

Longest Catch Men's Div.    59 Meters  S. Amman  -  TOBY

    Menís Open Div.
1  Chris Sexton    BANZAI  (68.8)
2  Andy Busby    LC  (72.5)
Joel Zucker    BAILEY  (67.5)
4  Mark Jennings    MOJO  (58)
5  Matt DiAno    MAGGIE  (68)
Darrel Earle    NITRO NANA  (66)
7  James Commuso    JIGGS  (60.5)
8  Gary Duke    BAYER  (60.3)
9  Mark Brisse    GABBY  (60)
10  Joe Ryan    MIA  (55)
11  Tom Wehrli    CHEVY  (54.5)
12  Shaun Knous    SAMERA JANE  (50)
13  Jay Smartz    DURANGO  (45.5)
14  Russ Green    ZOE

Longest Catch Men's Open Div.    72.5 Meters  A. Busby  -  LC