August 13th 2006
Denver Colorado


Nice weather, little wind, and not one single foot-fault the entire day. Denver seems to have established a history of that, no foot-faults. While I was not supposed to be there, with the help of Matt DiAno and Kerry Samet, the stealthy Jeff Hoot with camera in hand slipped in the back door quietly.

WOMENíS DIVISION. Heat (1) had the local girls of Deb Williamson, Becky Mueller, and Jennifer Brisse trying to stop a California girl, Cindy DelCorto. They were unable to stop her. By a couple of meters, on a borrowed dog, Cindy DelCorto and LC move onto the Finals. Heat (2) saw Cathy Cramer & BONNIE take 4 throws total and edged out Katie Brisse & GABBY by only one meter. Heat (3) was a strong effort by Kerry Samet & XANDER, yet they were half a meter short and unable to get past Sherry Gacke & STITCH. The Last Chance Heat was intense with the lead changing on almost every thrower. By only one meter and having to use all 3 of their throws, Kerry Samet & XANDER score for 38 meters to join the Finals.

WOMENíS FINALS. Round (1) Cathy Cramer & BONNIE got off to a good start by going 3 for 3 and a 25 meter catch. DelCorto, Samet, and Gacke though wasted little time in showing Team BONNIE the exit. Round (2) Cindy DelCorto & LC left themselves exposed on a 34.5 meter catch. It was too much though for Kerry Samet & XANDER to overcome and they were the next to feel the axe of elimination. In the Final Round Cindy DelCorto & LC grab the lead on their first toss, 32 meters. Sherry Gacke & STITCH immediately seize the lead on their first throw with a 39.5-meter catch. With a miss on their second toss, it came down to the last throw from Cindy DelCorto & LC. What a fine effort it was, but the 38.5-meter catch was one meter short of what they needed. With solid consistent throwing and good timing all day, Sherry Gacke & STITCH take home the win.

WOMENíS OPEN DIVISION. Heat (1) She had long enough throws to get the job done, but Amanda Guth & PISCO suffer the much-feared strikeout. Alycia Pentencio & ARIES and Kelly Miller & RIO were clearly in the hunt, but it was Christi C Sexton & BANZAI who passed onto the Finals. Heat (2) came down to Marie Earle and Pennie Mahon. Bumping up their average throw in the Final Round by a few meters, Pannie Mahon & GABE let it be know that Texas has some talent too and they move onto the Finals. Heat (3) Gayle OíMalley & MOLLY get a 41-meter catch in Round One, but itís one-meter short of whatís needed. Then Sierra Lyman lights the place up with a pair of 55-meter throws. Unfortunately the much-feared strikeout scorches Sierra Lyman & AWESOME. We have Jane Brunton & RINGO moving onto the Finals with a catch of 42-meters. The Last Chance Heat looked like it was going to be Alycia Pentencio & ARIES. When it was done though, by a comfortable 5-meters, Sierra Lyman & AWESOME move into the Finals.

WOMENíS OPEN FINALS. Round (1) Catches in the 40+ meter range got them into the Finals. Then in the Finals Christi C Sexton could only muster a throw of 34 meters for BANZAI to catch. It was short of what was needed by half a meter, and Team BANZAI was toast. Round (2) Pennie Mahon & GABE went 3 for 3 and a best catch of 39-meters. Jane Brunton & RINGO only needed one throw while Sierra Lyman & AWESOME needed all 3 throws before they turned Team GABE into toast. In the Final Round Jane Brunton & RINGO grab the lead on their first throw (41.5-meters), and with a 3 for 3 effort never let go of it. Sierra Lyman & AWESOME went out swinging hard though, as their last catch was good for 41-meters, but it was not good enough to keep Jane Brunton & RINGO from another win in the Womenís Open Division.

MENíS DIVISION. It was a very large division. in Heat (1) the contenders were Lou DelCorto & TANK, Darren Pahnke & DYNOMITE, and Russ Green & MARIAH. The much-feared strike out got Lou DelCorto & TANK in Round (2). Russ Green & MARIAH in the Final Round score for 57-meters to leave Team DYNOMITE in the dust. Heat (2) saw Christopher Steele & CHEVY, Mark Southerland & SKEETER, and Brent Broadstone & GUS giving each other the business. Team SKEETER went down first and were then followed by Team CHEVY as Brent Broadstone & GUS ride a 48-meter catch into the Finals. In Heat (3) the contenders were Ryan Neis & LUNA, Darrel Earle & NANA, and Doug Dornseif & OLLIE. The much-feared strike out got Team OLLIE, and then Darrel Earle & NANA just edged out Ryan Neis & LUNA to send Team NANA onto the Finals. A total of 18 teams went into the Last Chance Heat. Right down to the last few teams, it took a catch of 51.5-meters for Daniel Faris & COSMO to move onto the Finals.

MENíS FINALS. Round (1) the toaster was working overtime as Brent Broadstone & GUS along with Russ Green & MARIAH suffered the much-feared strikeout. It was Team MARIAH who came out of it still alive. Round (2) Daniel Faris & COSMO dial up the toaster for extra crispy as the much-feared strikeout takes them too. In the Final Round Darrel Earle & NANA grab a commanding lead with their first catch of 58-meters. They had catches in the 50ís earlier in the day, but all Russ Green & MARIAH could produce was a 41-meter catch. After many years of almost making it all the way, Darrel Earle scores his first win with NITRO NANA.

MENíS OPEN DIVISION. In Heat (1) QUAD rookies Jason Holland & DASH out throw everyone in the division. Their very first QUAD experience however becomes an introduction to the toaster, thatís right, the much-feared strikeout. Jay Smartz & DURANGO and Chris Sexton & LAIKA then go toe to toe in the Final Round. Jay Smartz & DURANGO pull off the upset for their first appearance in the Open Finals. Heat (2) should have been easy for Andy Busby & LC to advance out of. However, the much-feared strikeout showed itís ugly head once again. That left Matt DiAno & MAGGIE and Mark Brisse & GABBY to decide the heat. For some reason Mark Brisse abandoned his normal throwing motion and went with the forehand throwing motion, it didnít help. Matt DiAno took advantage of it and produced a 57-meter catch to MAGGIE that sent them to the Finals. Heat (3) Mark Jennings & SKYLER needed all 3 throws to avoid the much-feared strikeout. Shaun Johnson & ROYAL gave it a very nice effort, but they too became victims of the much-feared strikeout. This left James Commuso & JIGGS to deal with ďThe EliminatorĒ (Mark Jennings). Suddenly Team JIGGS went from catches in the upper 50ís and 60ís to throws in the mid to lower 40ís. It ended with Team JIGGS also becoming victims of the much-feared strikeout and that sent ďThe EliminatorĒ to the Finals. In the Last Chance Heat Jason Holland & DASH went up against some serious talent. Their 71-meter catch was too much for the rest of the field to deal with and that sent Team DASH onto the Finals.

MENíS OPEN FINALS. Round (1) Matt DiAno & MAGGIEís 57-meter catch left them exposed. The remaining 3 teams used a total of only 4 throws to send the ice-cold razor sharp steel axe of elimination their way. Round (2) found the toaster still hungry, and unfortunately for Jason Holland & DASH, they were unable to get out of its pathway. Team DASH was the last team of the day to be scorched by the much-feared strikeout. This left Jay Smartz & DURANGO to deal with ďThe Eliminator.Ē The Final Round started slow with some misses, and then Mark Jennings & SKYLER took the lead on a 62-meter catch. After having won last yearís Menís Division, Jay Smartz & DURANGO now stood at the throwing line in position to win the Menís Open Division on their last throw. The 56-meter catch they produced was over 6-meters short of what was needed, but what an impressive run they have had. The day however belonged to ďThe Eliminator.Ē Mark Jennings & SKYLER record their 3rd win in the Menís Open Division. They now become one of only 3 teams in striking range of quite possibly the most difficult achievement in the disc dog sport, The QUAD QUAD (4 wins in the Open Division).

As this write up was being typed a phone call came in, it was from Chris Sexton. According to Chris this was LAIKAís last competition, she is now a retired pooch. For me personally I find it an incredible honor that LAIKAís last competitive throw came in The QUADRUPED. She leaves the competitive circuit a 3-Time QUAD Champion, and that means there are now only 2 teams in striking range of The QUAD QUAD.


Jeff Hoot, Director




   Womenís Div.
1 Sherry Gacke  STITCH  (40) Meters
2 Cindy DelCorto  LC  (38.5)
3 Kerry Samet  XANDER  (38)
4 Cathy Cramer  BONNIE  (30)
5 Jennifer Brisse  CHEYENNE  (38)
6 Becky Mueller  FLY GIRL  (37.5)
7 Tracy Williams  FIONA  (37)
8 Katie Brisse  GABBY  (23)
9 Deb Williamson  LEXI  (22)
10 Nicole Brisse  CHEYENNE  (20)

Longest Catch Womenís Div. 40 Meters  Sherry Gacke - STITCH

   Womenís Open Div.
1 Jane Brunton  RINGO  (42) Meters
2 Sierra Lyman  AWESOME  (48)
3 Pennie Mahon  GABE  (39)
4 Christi C Sexton  BANZAI  (41)
5 Gayle O'Malley  MOLLY  (41)
6 Alycia Pentencio  ARIES  (38)
7 Kelly Miller  RIO  (37)
8 Marie Earle  NITRO NANA  (36 - 35.5)
9 Susan Marham  HURRICANE  (36 - 30.5)
10 Amanda Guth  PISCO  (32)

Longest Catch Womenís Open Div.  48 Meters  Sierra Lyman - AWESOME

   Menís Div.
1 Darrel Earle  NITRO NANA  (59.5) Meters
2 Russ Green  MARIAH  (57)
3 Dan Faris  COSMO  (51.5)
4 Brent Broadstone  GUS  (48)
5 Ryan Neis  LUNA  (49.5)
6 Doug Dorneif  OLLIE  (49)
7 Jeff Mueller  BANDIT  (46)
8 Brian Muck  LUNA  (43 - 41.5)
9 Darren Pahnke  DYNOMITE  (43 - 41)
10 Mark Southerland  SKEETER  (42 - 38)
11 Brett Lawrence  SHADOW  (42 - 35.5)
12 Christopher Steele  CHEVY  (41)
13 Gordon Riley  ODO  (40)
Lou DelCorto  TANK  (38)
Fred Morris  ARIES  (37)
Frank Kerchner  GOLDIE  (33 - 31)
Reuben Travis  BELLA  (33)
Tom Hail  ROCKY RACOON  (31)
David Brisse  GABBY  (26.5)
Brian Willams  ANGUS 
Peter Boyle  PISCO

Longest Catch Menís Div.  59.5 Meters  Darrel Earle - NITRO NANA

   Menís Open Div.
1 Mark Jennings  SKYLER  (66) Meters
2 Jay Smartz  DURANGO  (68)
3 Jason Holland  DASH  (71)
4 Matt DiAnon  MAGGIE  (57)
5 Chris Sexton  LAIKA  (69)
6 James Commuso  JIGGS  (67.5)
7 Tom Wehrli  MOLLY  (64)
Andy Busby  LC  (61.5)
9 Mark Brisse  GABBY  (58)
10 Shaun Johnson  ROYAL

Longest Catch Menís Open Div.  71 Meters  Jason Holland - DASH