August 14th 2005
Denver Colorado


The location was beautiful Denver, and the date was Sunday August 14th 2005. A cool front brought us temps in the upper 60’s, but little wind and no rain. We were blessed with more teams than have ever shown up for The QUADRUPED®. For the first time ever our fields were painted in meters and not yards.

It was Jennifer Brisse & CHEYENNE in Heat One (1) that fought off Kerry Samet & MAGGIE as well as last year’s Champs Marie Earle & NANA to advance to the Finals. In Heat Two (2) Amanda Guth & PISCO PIG edged out a hard charging Tracy Williams & ANGUS by the length of about one foot. QUAD rookies Alycia Patencio & ARIES finished Heat Three (3) by getting past Cathy Cramer & BONNIE by half a meter. In the Last Chance Heat there were great efforts by Kerry Samet & MAGGIE and Becky Mueller & FLYGIRL. With only one throw left though, Cathy Cramer & BONNIE delivered a 38.5-meter catch that grabbed the last spot in the Women’s Finals.

Alycia Patencio & ARIES avoided the strikeout in the First Round, but 32-meters was not enough to keep them alive. Catches in the mid 30-meter area got Jennifer Brisse & CHEYENNE into the Finals, yet in Round Two they could only muster a 25-meter catch, and they were gone. In the Final Round Cathy Cramer & BONNIE found it impossible to get past a 38-meter catch by Amanda Guth & PISCO PIG who enjoyed their first win at The QUAD.

A much feared strikeout by Janice Hensley & RIKER made it easy on the other teams in Heat One (1). However, it took all three throws from Christi C Sexton & RIDER (44-meters) to eliminate Colleen Hegyi and her new pooch HAZE to advance to the Finals. Heat Two (2) was a hard-core battle between Theresa Musi & CIELA AZULE and Gayle O’Malley & SHEELA. It was Gayle O’Malley & SHEELA by about one foot to advance to the Finals (44-meters). In the Final Round of Heat Three (3) Autumn Trainor & FIREFLY rocked the house with a 50-meter catch to take their place in the Finals. A 47-meter catch in the Last Chance Heat by Theresa Musi & CIELA AZULE made things very tuff on the other teams. The only team with a realistic shot at them was Tracy Prudden & FLYING RED KILLIAN. Tracy thought she saw a slight limp in KILLIAN after their first throw. On the way back to the throwing line after their second throw, Tracy saw all she needed to see, it was a clear limp with one of KILLIAN’s rear legs. After driving all the way from Washington State, Tracy Prudden demonstrated she loved her dog more than a competition an withdrew from the event while one throw remained on the table.

n Round One Gayle O’Malley & SHEELA went from catches in the mid 40-meter range earlier in the day to a 29.5-meter catch. The other teams showed no mercy and ended Team SHEELA’s day rather quickly. Round Two was very close and decided by half a meter. Autumn Trainor & FIREFLY’S 36.5-meter catch was not enough to get the job done, and they were gone. In the Final Round I started to explain the evolving situation on the field when Christi C. Sexton quickly and politely requested that I shut it, my mouth, and I did. Christi & RIDER then got off to a nice lead on a pair of catches, both good for 37-meters. Theresa Musi & CIELA AZULE came within a few meters but could not stop Christi C. Sexton & RED ROCKET RIDER from becoming the first and only team to ever win 4 QUADs!!! It is quite possibly the most difficult achievement in the entire disc dog sport, affectionately known as The QUAD QUAD.

A much feared strikeout by Matt DiAno & MAGGIE left Heat One (1) up to Al Erikson & GEORGE and Ryan Neis & LUNA. It was a 53.5-meter catch that allowed QUAD rookies Al Erikson & GEORGE to slip into the Finals. In Heat Two (2) QUAD rookies Jay Smartz & DURANGO powered past QUAD veterans Brent Broadstone & GUS on a 65-meter catch. Heat Three (3) delivered a moment that has probably never been seen before and may never be seen again. Steve Teer’s dog GUINNESS misjudged a catch and tipped the disc up into the air, then did it again 4 more times. After 5 tips GUINNESS scored a 50.5-meter catch!!! A spectacular catch accompanied by a spectacular ovation, the biggest of the day. Later on in the last round of the Heat Mark Brisse & GABBY managed to eliminate Team GUINNESS and move onto the Finals. In the Last Chance Heat Matt DiAno & MAGGIE scored a 63.5-meter catch. Nate Fairchild & SHANTI along with Darrel Earle & NANA seriously threatened that mark but could not beat it. For the 3rdtime in a row Team MAGGIE gets into the Finals through the Last Chance Heat.

It took all three throws in Round One from both Matt DiAno & MAGGIE and Jay Smartz & DURANGO before they could give the axe of elimination to Mark Brisse & GABBY. Round Two was the ever so painful and much feared strikeout for Al Erikson & GEORGE. Teams MAGGIE & DURANGO didn’t waste much time in delivering yet another ice cold axe of elimination. In the Final Round Matt DiAno & MAGGIE got off to a slow start on a pair of misses. Meanwhile, Jay Smartz & DURANGO did not, they made a serious statement on their first throw, good for 68-meters. The last throw from Team MAGGIE was ever so close, but they came up short by one meter on a 67-meter catch. Jay Smartz & DURANGO win their first time in a QUAD competition.

In Heat One (1) both Mark Jennings & SKYLER and Andy Busby & LC need all three throws to eliminate Mark McNitt & ZYDECO. A 70.5-meter catch is what sent Andy Busby & LC onto the Finals. Joe Herrera & MAGGIE bounce a catch off an EZ-UP tent in Heat Two (2) but can't stop Tom Wehrli and a borrowed dog named BONZI from the Finals. Heat Three (3) is the much feared strikeout for Todd Duncan & LEVI, that sends Chris Sexton & LAIKA onto another one of the team’s many Finals appearances. Using the Last Chance Heat Mark Jennings & SKYLER also join the division’s Finals.

A 61.5-meter catch by Tom Wehrli & BONZI get things going in Round One. The three remaining teams were just simply ruthless in how fast they ended the day for Team BONZI, each only using one throw. Round Two had Mark Jennings & SKYLER score a 70-meter catch on their last throw. Once again, the remaining teams were just simply ruthless in how fast they ended the day for Team SKYLER, each only using one throw. Chris Sexton’s 82.3-meter catch by LAIKA made them only the second team in QUAD history to reach the 90-yard club. In the Final Round Team LAIKA then goes against their normal strategy of throwing first and make Andy Busby & LC throw first, it’s an 80-meter miss. The strategy shift pays off as Team LAIKA then rips off an 84-meter catch to take the lead (91.8-yards). Andy Busby & LC were breathing all over it on their next two throws, one for 82-meters, and one for 81-meters. Chris Sexton & LAIKA take the win. It’s the first time a husband and wife have won their divisions on the same day at The QUADRUPED®.


Jeff Hoot, Director




   Women’s Div.
1 Amanda Guth  PISCO PIG  (41.5) Meters
2 Cathy Cramer  BONNIE  (38.5)
3 Jennifer Brisse  CHEYENNE  (36)
4 Alycia Patencio  AIRES  (37)
5 Tracy Williams  ANGUS  (37)
6 Marie Earle  NITRO NANA  (34.5)
7 Becky Mueller  FLY GIRL  (33.5) (32.6)
8 Kerry Samet  MAGGIE  (33.5) (32.5)
9 Deb Carlsen  BO  (28.5)
10 Angela McNitt  JACKSON  (26.3)
11 Cindy DelCorto  TANK
11 Megan Kautz  LEROY BROWN
11 Shana Haskins  BURLY

Longest Catch Women’s Div. 41.5 Meters  Amanda Guth - PISCO PIG

   Women’s Open Div.
1 Christi C Sexton  RED ROCKET RIDER  (44) Meters
2 Theresa Musi  CIELA AZULE  (47)
3 Autumn Trainor  FIREFLY  (50)
4 Gayle O'Malley  SHEELA  (44)
5 Pennie Mahon  GABE  (47)
6 Jane Brunton  RINGO  (40)
7 Colleen Hegyi  HAZE  (39.6)
8 Janice Hensley  RIKER

Longest Catch Women’s Open Div.  50 Meters  Autumn Trainor - FIREFLY

   Men’s Div.
1 Jay Smartz  DURANGO  (68) Meters
2 Matt DiAno  MAGGIE  (63.5)
3 Al Erikson  GEORGE  (56)
4 Mark Brisse  GABBY  (60.5)
5 Darrel Earle  NITRO NANA  (62.6)
6 Nate Fairchild  SHANTI  (61.5)
7 Brent Broadstone  GUS  (58)
8 Ryan Neis  LUNA  (55.3)
9 Steve Teer  GUINNESS  (51.3)
10 Jeff Mueller  BANDIT  (50.5)
11 Burton Baine  LEROY BROWN  (50.3)
12 Gordon Riley  ODO  (49)
13 Derek Hawn  KIOWA  (48.5)
Bruce Brantley  CASEY  (48)
Bob Hegyi  BUSTER  (46.5) (44)
Lou DelCorto  TANK  (46.5) (39)
Justin Ruiz  COZMO  (46)
Benny Wong  KD  (43.5)
Brian Muck  LUNA  (43)
Charlie Lawrence  SHADOW  (42) (40.5)
Christopher Steele  CHEVY  (42) (38.3)
Mike Miller  RUKUS  (42) (36)
Pat Mahon  GABE  (40)
Reuben Travis  BELLA  (30.5)
David Brisse  CHEYENNE  (26)
Bryan Williams  ANGUS
Dan Faris  COSMO

Longest Catch Men’s Div.  68 Meters  Jat Smartz - DURANGO

   Men’s Open Div.
1 Chris Sexton  LAIKA  (84) Meters
2 Andy Busby  LC  (81)
3 Mark Jennings  SKYLER  (70)
4 Tom Wherli  BONZI  (61.5)
5 Joe Herrera  MAGGIE  (56.5)
6 Mark McNitt  ZYDECO  (48)
7 Todd Duncan  LEVI

Longest Catch Men’s Open Div.  84 Meters  Chris Sexton - LAIKA