August 15 2004


A total of 52 teams went at it August 15th in Denver Colorado. The weather was great the day of the event, 80’s with low humidity and low wind. We said goodbye to Arapahoe Community College field and left our footprints instead at Progress Park. It was a nice park that also had the honor of feeling the footprints of a visit from Alex Stein during the Finals. This was also the first time the Women of Denver got to enjoy an upper and lower division like the Men have enjoyed for years, and I must say they did not waste it.

WOMEN’S DIVISION. Heat (1) saw Amanda Guth & KAYLEIGH have to deal with Page Owens & ROSE as well as Donna Malmlov & ASHLEY WHATSIT. Amanda Guth got serious after a near strikeout in round one and went onto the Finals after a nice challenge from Donna Malmlov. Heat (2) had Cindy DelCorto & BLAZE dealing with Sherry Gacke & DING and Marie Earl & NANA. Cindy DelCorto also flirted with a strikeout in round one, but then powered into the final round against Marie Earle. By just a yard and a half Marie Earle & NANA moved onto the Finals. Heat (3) saw Denver’s Becky Mueller & FLYGIRL get busy with Vickie Bartley & BAD NEWS and Tiffany Malays & MILO. Becky Mueller was in it right to the last throw, however, Tiffany Malays pulled it out and made the Finals. The Last Chance Heat had great efforts from Linda Lack & RILEY, Cindy DelCorto & BLAZE, Jennifer Brisse & CHEYENNE, and Becky Mueller & FLYGIRL. It was however Sherry Gacke & DING, the only team in this heat to make a catch in the 40’s, and they took the reward of the last spot in the Women’s Finals.

WOMEN’S FINALS. Round (1) started with Marie Earle & NANA going strong in the low 40’s. QUAD rookies Tiffany Malays & MILO then found out why it’s called the much feared strikeout. A couple of nice throws, but then it was time for Tiffany Malays introduction to the axe of elimination. Round (2) was nearly a strikeout for Sherry Gacke & DING, but her get out of jail free card on their last throw saved them. Unfortunately Amanda Guth & KAYLEIGH did not have a get out of jail free card, and they were the next to be taken by the much feared strikeout. The Final Round gave us Team NANA against Team DING. It was Sherry Gacke & DING seizing the lead on her first throw, 35-yds. With no catches and down to their last throw, NANA’s Marie Earle was seen searching her pockets for a get out of jail free card. It was found 41-yds down the field and it gave Team NANA the win. When I approached Marie Earle at the throwing line for a congratulations hug, she was shaking and had tears in her eyes.

WOMEN’S OPEN DIVISION. It only had seven teams, but we were looking at some of the very best teams our sport has to offer. Heat (1) was the painful much feared strikeout for Joelle Budd & LEVI. QUAD rookies Jane Henderson & RINGO had an impressive showing, however, QUAD veteran Kathy Mills & SONNYBOY used only one throw (47-yds) in the Final Round to cruise into the Finals. Heat (2) gave us Sierra Lyman & AWESOME, Penny Mahon & BANDITA, and Gayle O’Malley & SHEELA. Utah’s Sierra Lyman gave up a ferocious fight down to the last throw. It was Gayle O’Malley’s 50-yd throw to SHEELA that sent them onto the Finals. The Last Chance Heat would then advance the top two teams onto the Finals. Joelle Budd, Christi Goodman, and Penny Mahon all had catches in the mid to upper 40’s. It was not enough to stop Jane Henderson & RINGO (49.6-yds), and Sierra Lyman & AWESOME (50.5-yds) from going to the Finals.

WOMEN’S OPEN FINALS. Round (1) began with Kathy Mills on the edge of the much feared strikeout until her last throw. The round ended with Sierra Lyman & AWESOME unable to beat a 40-yd catch, and they were gone. Round (2) was the much feared strikeout for Kathy Mills & SONNYBOY. They went out swinging hard though with a pair of throws in the 50’s. Gail O’Malley & SHEELA almost joined them in a strikeout as it took all three of their throws to score a 2-yd catch and advance. The Final Round started with QUAD rookies Jane Henderson & RINGO bringing the good stuff on a 49.5-yd catch. Gayle O’Malley & SHEELA had a pair of throws that threatened that mark, but they came up just short. It was Jane Henderson & RINGO going 3 for 3 in the Final Round for an upset victory in the WOMEN’S OPEN.

For years I have personally resisted the calls for myself to compete in The QUAD. Earlier in the year Chris Sexton, who knows my personal dog is almost 11 yrs old, told me Denver would like to see me compete. I simply asked why? The answer was very short and right to the point, “because you still can.” Those words rang in my ears for months. In Colorado at the throw off for seeding order in the Men’s Division, the answer was delivered. “Denver, the Hoot is in.” A special thanks to Andy Busby who stepped in and took charge by running my heat so I could enjoy this experience.

MEN’S DIVISION. Heat (1) left Tim Arneson & BAILEY CITA along with Tom Wehrli & CODY to deal with Jeff Hoot & SUPERCONDUCTOR. Together those two paved the way for Hoot’s introduction to the ice cold, razor sharp, steel axe of elimination. It was Tom Wehrli & CODY that advanced onto the Finals. Heat (2) had Mark Brisse & GABBY working with Christopher Steele & CHEVY and Mark McNitt & ZYDECO. It was Mark Brisse & GABBY only needing two throws to get into the Final Round. Once there Team GABBY used only two more throws to advance onto the Division’s Finals. Heat (3) saw Pat Mahon & BADITA put up a good fight, yet it was Jeff Mueller & BANDIT and Darrel Earle & NANA that came down to the wire. Colorado webmaster Jeff Mueller has obviously spent time on the practice field because his throws were sweet. They were however not sweet enough to stop QUAD veteran Darrel Earle & NANA from going to the Finals. The Last Chance Heat was massive in size. The contenders were Bob Evans & NICK, Frank Kerchner & GOLDIE, Pat Mahon & BANDITA, and Jeff Mueller & BANDIT. The team that advanced to the Finals was one that was toasted in the First Round of their Heat. On a 59.5-yd catch, QUAD rookies Matt DiAno & MAGGIE get the job done for a Finals appearance.

MEN’S FINALS. Round (1) was a strikeout for both Darrel Earle and Tom Wehrli. In the tiebreaker it was Tom Wehrli & CODY ending their day by sitting down to watch the rest of the event. Round (2) was a strong one. The 50.5-yd catch by Mark Brisse & GABBY was half a yard short of allowing them to continue. The Final Round was a good start for Darrel Earle & NANA, 55-yds. Matt DiAno’s missed catch was a yard longer. It came down to Matt DiAno & MAGGIE facing a potential strikeout on the very last throw. Once again another get out of jail free card gets played, and by half a yard, 55.5-yds, Matt DiAno & MAGGIE stop the Earle family from giving NANA two wins that day. As close as any dog has ever come to multiple wins at the same QUAD.

MEN’S OPEN DIVISION. Heat (1) saw 3-time Open Champs John Troelstrup & RILEY giving it their best to stop Todd Duncan & RIVER. They could not do it, as Team RIVER gave Team RILEY the business by over 10 yards. Heat (2) was between Chris Sexton & LAIKA and Andy Busby & LC. Reports out of Denver are that sometime between Saturday’s competition and the morning of Sunday’s QUAD, Andy Busby suffered a mild stroke. It was not enough to stop him from giving Team LAIKA the business and move Team LC onto the Finals. Heat (3) came down to QUAD veterans Mark Jennings & SKYLER and Cody Owens & CLYDE. It was Team SKYLER delivering yet another Finals appearance. In The Last Chance Heat John Troelstrup and Chris Sexton were not a factor. Instead it was James Commusco & BLU stepping up from the Men’s Division to the Men’s Open for the first time and going to the Finals.

MEN’S OPEN FINALS. There have not been many forehand throwers over QUAD history, but this Finals produced three of them against the lone backhander, Mark Jennings. Round (1) feeling the effects of the stroke, Andy Busby was not his normal self, yet Team LC managed to produce a 64-yd catch. It forced Mark Jennings & SKYLER to use all three throws before they could eliminate Andy Busby & LC. In Round (2) Mark Jennings continued eliminating teams. Needing only one throw, Team SKYLER introduced James Commusco & BLU to the brutal axe. In the Final Round Todd Duncan & RIVER grab the lead on their first throw. The second throw from Mark Jennings & SKYLER tie it. Todd Duncan rises to the challenge and grabs the lead back on his second toss to RIVER. With one throw left to avoid finishing in 2nd place two years in a row, Mark Jennings & SKYLER grab the lead back by one yard. It’s too much for Todd Duncan & RIVER to overcome. Houston: Team SKYLER is encountering no problems.

My understanding is that Andy Busby is ok. It was not until a doctor visit long after the competition that the situation became clear as to what had happened.


Jeff Hoot, Director



Women’s Div.
1  Marie Earle - NANA  (41)
2  Sherry Gacke - DING  (43)
3  Amanda Guth - KAYLEIGH  (44.3)
4  Tiffany Malys - MILO  (43.5)
5  Donna Malmlov - ASHLEY WHATSIT  (41.6)
6  Vickie Bartley - BAD NEWS  (39.6)
Cindy DelCorto - BLAZE  (38.5) (38) (37.6)
8  Linda Lack - RILEY  (38.5) (38) (37.3)
9  Becky Mueller - FLYGIRL  (38.5) (35)
10  Jennifer Brisse - CHEYENNE  (38)
11  Pat Wilkins - HANNAH (33)
12  Paige Owens - ROSE  (32.5)
13  Nicole Brisse - GABBY  (19)
14  Tammy Lundblad - CODY  (18.3)

Longest Catch Women's Div:  44.3-yds  Amanda Guth -

 Women's Open Div
1  Jane Henderson - RINGO  (49.5)
2  Gayle O'Malley - SHEELA  (50)
3  Kathy Mills - SONNYBOY  (49)
4  Sierra Lyman - AWESOME  (50.5)
5  Pennie Mahon - BANDITA  (48)
6  Joelle Budd - LEVI  (45)
7  Christi Goodman - RIDER  (43.5)

Longest Catch Women's Open Div:  50.5-yds Sierra Lyman -

 Men's Div
1  Matt DiAno - MAGGIE  (59.5)
2  Darrel Earle - NANA  (61.5)
3  Mark Brisse - GABBY  (62)
4  Tom Wehrli - CODY  (69.5)
5  Tim Arneson - BAILEY-CITA  (63)
6  Jeff Mueller - BANDIT  (58)
Jeff Hoot - SUPERCONDUCTOR  (56.5)
8  Pat Mahon - BANDITA  (53.5)
9  Bob Evans - NICK  (52) (48.5)
10  Christopher Steele - CHEVY  (52) (35.5)
11  Frank Kerchner - GOLDIE  (51.5)
12  Ryan Neis - LUNA  (51)
13  Gordon Riley - ODO  (50.5) (50)
14  Mack McNitt  - ZYDECO  (50.5) (46)
15  Mark Southerland - SKEETER  (49.5)
16  Travis Arnold - KOZIE  (46)
17  Rick Brydum - BARNEY  (45.5)
18  Mike Miller - RUCKUS  (44)
19  Lou Delcorto - TANK  (42.5)
20  Chris Moore - JACKSON  (35.5)
21  David Brisse - CHEYENNE  (25)
22  Justin Watson - BRAM

Longest Catch Men's Div:  69.5-yds Tom Wehrli -

 Men's Open Div
1  Mark Jennings - SKYLER  (77.5)
Todd Duncan - RIVER  (78)
James Commusco - BLU  (69)
Andy Busby - LC  (74.5)
5  Cody Owens - CLYDE  (66)
6  Chris Sexton - LAIKA  (63)
7  Jeffery Holland - DASH  (61.5)
8  John Troelstup - RILEY  (52.3)
9  Steve Malmlov - FOSTER  (52)

Longest Catch Men's Open Div:  78-yds  Todd Duncan -