August 10 2003
Denver Colorado


Mother nature was good to us this time for The QUAD. It was a little on the warm side, but not much in the way of wind. This year’s competitors delivered an absolute classic that will not soon be forgotten. Thank you for another year Colorado Disc Dogs.

Women’s Division Heat 1 came down to Cindy Del Corto & BLAZE, and Joelle Budd & LEVI. It was a new Women’s Record that sent Team LEVI into the Finals. A pair of red dogs dominated Heat 2. Christi Goodman & RED ROCKET RIDER were unable to hold off Tracy Prudden & FLYING RED KILLIAN though. Heat 3 saw Kathy Mills & BEN take out Sierra Lyman & AWESOME by just 1-yd. Christi Goodman & RIDER produced a new personal record of 50.5-yds in the Last Chance Heat. However, with a new personal record of their own, Gale O’Malley & SHEELA unload a massive upset by just half a yard, 51-yds. It ended Team RIDER’s historic shot at being the first team to win 4 QUADs in a row, The QUAD QUAD.

The First Round of the
Women’s Finals was a painful strikeout for Kathy Mills & BEN, who’s last toss went 63-yds. Joelle Budd flopped to the ground as Team LEVI almost joined them with a strikeout on their last throw, 15-yds. LEVI made the catch however, and sent the axe in the direction of Team BEN. Gale O’Malley & SHEELA light up the Second Round with their first throw, another personal record for Team SHEELA, good for 57.33-yds. On their second throw, Tracy Prudden & KILLIAN really turned it up a notch. Team KILLIAN became the first Women’s team to score a catch in the 60’s, good for 63-yds. Making the Women’s Second Round the most intense in QUAD history, Joelle Budd & LEVI take out Team SHEELA by just the length of a frisbee, good for 57.5-yds. In the Final Round, with throws in the 50’s Team LEVI was unable to avoid the much-feared strikeout. A second toss good for 41.5-yds caps the day off for Tracy Prudden and gives Team KILLIAN the win in the Women’s Division.

Intermediate Division Heat 1 was a battle between Rick Brydum & BARNEY, and Benny Wong & KD. With their last throw, Team KD take the heat by just half a yard. In Heat 2 Mark Brisse & GABBY show Steve Malmlov & FOSTER the exit on a 50.5-yd catch. Marie Earle’s excitement was heard all over the field numerous times in Heat 3. That would be because her husband, Darrel Earl & NANA, deliver the axe to Bruce Brantley & CASEY and moved onto the Finals. The Last Chance Heat produced some throws in the mid to upper 50’s. It was Steve Malmlov & FOSTER by a yard and a half over Dave Hale & SHEP.

The First Round of the
Intermediate Finals saw Darrel Earl & NANA with two throws and no catches. With a last throw side step of the axe, Team NANA eliminates Benny Wong & KD on a 48-yd catch. The Second Round was not so nice to Team NANA however. Both Team FOSTER and Team GABBY stood with catches in the 60’s. Throwing in the mid 50’s coupled with a strikeout brought Team NANA that bitter taste of the axe. Speaking of tasty, Steve Malmlov & FOSTER began the Final Round with a healthy 57.33-yd catch. All over it with two throws, Mark Brisse & GABBY felt the approaching sting of the axe with two misses. The last throw from Team FOSTER was everything they wanted, 64-yds, but it too was a miss. Waving goodbye to the axe, Mark Brisse & GABBY score for 59-yds on their last throw to win the Intermediate Division.

With the strongest field the
Open Division has ever seen, it was a tuff job avoiding the ice cold steel axe. The first team to get it in Heat 1 was The QUAD Series 2000 champs, last year’s Open champs, Chris Sexton & LAKIA. Todd Duncan & LEVI along with Andy Busby & CODY then battle it out with Team CODY taking it to the Finals by 3-yds. In Heat 2 Mark Jennings & SKYLER and Tom Clements & TAYLOR do not have enough to stop John Troelstrup & RILEY from a Finals appearance. Heat 3 saw Greg Tresan & MOXIE avoid the much-feared strikeout and cruise past Joseph Jones & KYLIE into the Finals. The Last Chance Heat was very close. Chris Sexton & LAIKA, Todd Duncan & LEVI, Tom Clements & TAYLOR, along with Alan Thibodo & JASPER all had catches in the 60’s. Sending that impressive group to the sidelines with some sharp ice cold steel was Mark Jennings & SKYLER on a 64-yd catch.

First Round of the
Open Finals left Mark Jennings & SKYLER exposed with a catch in the low 60’s. An 82-yd miss on their last throw stung Andy Busby & CODY with the much-feared strikeout and let Team SKYLER off the hook. In the Second Round, John Troelstrup & RILEY got hot with a new personal record of 69-yds. Mark Jennings & SKYLER needed only one throw to take control though, a 73-yd catch. Greg Tresan & MOXIE’s second throw of 71-yds would have axed Team RILEY, but it was a miss. Team MOXIE finished the day with the last much feared strikeout and scored a respectable 3rd place finish. Team RILEY started the Final Round on a 62.5-yd catch, then bumped it up to 70-yds for yet another new personal record on their second throw. With a first throw miss, Mark Jennings & SKYLER seize control of the lead on their second toss with a 71-yd catch.

Linda Lack and John Troelstrup had noticed RILEY’s return from his second throw, RILEY was favoring a foot with a small cut that happened days before the event. Linda and John share RILEY in competition, and Linda dropped out before the competition because of the cut so John would have a shot in the Open Division. The difficult choice is made, no matter what, RILEY’s 3rd throw will be his last of the day, so it better be good. John Troelstrup reaches deep and unloads an 80-yd catch to RILEY that brings down the house!!! With an incredible effort of their own, Mark Jennings & SKYLER’s last throw is good for 75-yds. However, it’s not enough to relieve Team RILEY of 1st place.

Jeff Hoot, Director




1 Tracy Prudden  FLYING RED KILLIAN (63)

2 Joelle Budd  LEVI (57.5)
3 Gayle O’Malley  SHEELA (57.33)
4 Kathy Mills  BEN (52.5)
5 Christi Goodman  RED ROCKET RIDER (50.5)
6 Sierra Lyman  AWESOME (48)
7 Cindy Del Corto  BLAZE (42)
8 Amanda Guth  KEYLEIGH (40) (38)
9 Connie Busby  LC (40) (37)
10 Marie Earle  BO (39.5)
11 Carol Lane Tresan  SKEETER (39) (38.5)
12 Emily Hale  SCOOBY (39) (35.33)
13 Lorie Bitchen  AUSSOME (38.5)
14 Donna Malmlov  ASHLEY WHATSIT (38) (34.5)
15 Becky Mueller  FLYGIRL (38) (26)
16 Robin Northam  RIP (34)
17 Jaclyn Bates  JERRY (33)
18 Pat Wilkins  ABBY (27)
19 Jennifer Brisse  CHEYEANE (26)
20 Susan Scariot  LUCY (24.5)
21 Carla Swainston  KATIE (22)
Longest Catch 63-yds Team KILLIAN - T Prudden
1  Mark Brisse  GABBY (62)
2  Steve Malmlov  FOSTER (60.33)
3  Darrel Earle  NANA (60.5)
4  Benny Wong  KD (44.75)
5  Bruce Brantley  CASEY (60)
6  Jeff Mueller  BANDIT (54.5)
7  Dave Hale  SHEP (52)
8  Fred Parks  KONA (47.5)
9  Nyle Swanne Swainston  TESLA (47)
10  Brent Broadstone  GUS (46.33)
11 Rick Brydum  BARNEY (44.5)
12  Mike Miller  PRIZ (42.5)
13  Chuck Roberts  McCALLAN (40)
14 Brian Wilkins  HANNAH (39)
15  Lou Del Corto  TANK (38)
16  Steve Grund  BANDIT (34.5)
17  Terry Scariot  CASEY (34)
18  Robert Brown  KOBE (31.5)
19  Tom Wehrli  TWISTER
20  Sean Kennedy  HARPVA
21  Jeff Carpenter  HERO
Longest catch 62-yds Team GABBY  M Brisse
1  John Troelstrup  RILEY (80)
2  Mark Jennings  SKYLER (75)
3  Greg Tresan  MOXIE (69)
4  Andy Busby  CODY (67.5)
5  Todd Duncan  LEVI (64)
6  Tom Clements  TAYLOR (63.5)
7  Chris Sexton  LAIKA (62)
8  Alan Thibodo  JASPER (61)
9  Jerry Westergard  HALA (58)
10  Joseph Jones  KYLIE (57)
Longest Catch 80-yds Team RILEY  J Troelstrup