March 2nd 2003
Clearwater Florida


An eight year run of acceptable weather came to an end with The QUAD at this event. We got off to a quick start, but it was not enough to escape the wrath of mother nature. She hit us fast and hard, brought the competition to a stop. As we sat under our EZ-UPs in the rain, I spoke with all the competitors. My message was simple, there will be a point where we have to call it off, or we go out there and compete in the rain. One by one the competitors said the same thing, we are not leaving. So when the rain let up to an acceptable level, the competitors spoke with more than their mouths. The most hard core frisbee dog action I have ever seen.

As we fought back it pushed our equipment to it's limit and beyond. The QUAD without a PA system quite frankly sucks, and mother nature took our PA from us about a half dozen times. Every time it died though, like Scotty from Startrek, C.F.D.D.C.'s Chuck Hensley would bring the ship back to life. I can still hear the competitors cheering him with each time. Thank you Mr Hensley for all your hard work and welcoming The QUAD to be a part of this weekend competition.

Women’s Division Heat 1 Janice Hensley & RIKER survive a strikeout on a tiebreaker, then take the heat from Brittney Mattison & JOULES. In Heat 2 we watched arguably Royalty of our sport stand and face the wind and rain for their 3 throws, Donna Schoech & RILEY. Mother Nature decided we couldn’t play anymore at that point, so we waited. Back on the field later Donna Schoech & RILEY take the heat from Chara Helton & MAGGIE MAE. Heat 3 had some strength to it. Linda Lack & RILEY, and Joelle Budd & LEVI take out Gail Mirabella & HOUSTON by one yard. Then battle it out to the last throw with Joelle Budd & LEVI taking it to the Finals. Linda Lack & RILEY use the very last throw of the Last Chance Heat to edge out Colleen Hegyi & Maggie MAE, Lyn Vautier & MAGGIE MAE, and Gail Mirabella & Houston.

In the Women’s Finals Round One Janice Hensley & RIKER were the first to exit, but not without a fight, only short by a yard. Donna Schoech & RILEY came down to their last throw in eliminating Linda Lack & RILEY in the Second Round. In the Final Round Donna Schoech & RILEY jumped out strong on a pair of catches, 36 their long. With two misses Joelle Budd & LEVI stood with one bullet left and needing more than 36-Yds. On a borrowed dog, with 2 out, in the bottom of the 9th, Team LEVI knocks a 37-Yd catch out of the park to win the Women’s Division.

Intermediate Division Heat 1 saw Craig Rogers & BANDIT move past Joe Pfrommer & SALLIE by a couple of yards. Heat 2 Joe Ryan & JC who finished 4th last year took out last year’s champs John Arnett & ASTRO by half a yard. In Heat 3 Michael Jones & WHOOPIN ROO survive a strikeout on a tiebreaker and battle it out with Bob Hegyi & BUSTER before falling to Team BUSTER. In the Last Chance Heat John Arnett & ASTRO got serious with a perfect round and a high of 36-Yds to move on.

In the Intermediate Finals Round One John Arnett & ASTRO eliminate Craig Rogers & BANDIT by less than 2-Yds on their last throw. The Second Round was very competitive, with almost no misses. Bob Hegyi & BUSTER just manage to give Joe Ryan & JC the business by half a yard. John Arnett & ASTRO seize control on their first throw in the Final Round, good for 37.5-Yds. Team BUSTER goes down with a good fight, but it’s not enough to stop John Arnett & ASTRO from the win.

Open Division Heat 1 Vicc Fann & PETEY can not overcome a 22-Yd catch by Gary Shockley & KODIAK and get the axe. John Macmillan & SPARKY take control and survive a very serious take over bid by Gary Shockley & KODIAK and Todd Duncan & LEVI to win the heat. In Heat 2 Darron Barrus & MOO just dominated everyone, including last year’s champs. Each throw cut the wind better than anyone at the competition, and they moved on. In the Last Chance Heat the top two teams also advanced into the Finals. Todd Duncan & LEVI deliver the best round of the entire competition going 3 for 3 and a high of 54-Yds. John Troelstrup & RILEY hang on by a thread with a half-yard elimination of Chuck Hensley & ROXY.

In the Open Finals Round One John Troelstrup & RILEY just keep clinging to life by sliding past Todd Duncan & LEVI by a yard. In Round Two Team RILEY’s last throw was a healthy 46-Yd catch. John Macmillan & SPARKY were all over it with each throw. It was a much-feared strikeout though and Team RILEY lived once again. In the Final Round John Troelstrup & RILEY got it started with a 46.5-Yd catch. Suddenly Darron Barrus & MOO lost their wind cutting throws. Their first throw was close, but each throw fell victim to the wind, and the round ended with a surprising strikeout by Team MOO. With a nice mix of experience, strategy, and execution, John Troelstrup & RILEY cross the finish line in first place.

Jeff Hoot, Director



1  Joelle Budd  LEVI (39.5)
2  Donna Schoech 
RILEY (37)
 Linda Lack  RILEY (31)
 Janice Hensley  RIKER (33)
 Linnea Boyce  TARA (35.5)
 Lyn Vautier  CHACO TACO (31)
 Colleen Hegyi  MAGGIE MAE (29.5)
8  Gail Mirabella 
HOUSTON (28) (26.5)
 Brittney Mattison  JOULES (28) (25)
10  Barbara Giacobe 
FEE (25.5)
 Chara Helton  MAGGIE MAE (25)
12  Janet Soderberg 
LUNA (18.5)
 Susan Jones  TIGGER (18)
14  Michelle McConnell 
 Donna Arnett  STARR
Longest Catch 39.5-Yds Team LEVI   J. Budd

1  John Arnett  ASTRO (37.5)
2  Bob Hegyi  BUSTER (35)
3  Joe Ryan  JC (39.5)
4  Craig Rogers  BANDIT (31.5)
5  Tim Boyce  KEEGAN (32)
6  Joe Pfrommer  SALLIE (30)
7  Robert Berris  DYLAN (25)
8  Michael Jones  WHOOPIN ROO (23.5)
9  Karl Soderberg  SIEKO MAKO (16)
10  Laryy Ross  FEE (9.5)
11  Mathew Wise  TWIX
Longest Catch 39.5-Yds Team JC J. Ryan

1  John Troelstrup  RILEY (46.5)
2  Darron Barrus  MOO (56)
3  John Macmillan  SPARKY (51)
4  Todd Duncan  LEVI (54)
5  Chuck Hensley  ROXY (45)
6  Gary Shockley  KODIAK (43.5) (42.5)
7  Mark McConnell  DALTON (43.5) (38)
8  Vicc Fann  PETEY (41)
Longest Catch 56-Yds Team MOO  D. Barrus