Top 10 Teams

At all QUAD events distances are arrived at with the use of cones laid out, and or lines painted on the field. The records are therefore not dead accurate, as we have never measured each and every throw. It's been an eyeball kind of thing in relation to the cones and lines present, yet I guarantee everything is within inches of being an exact measurement. Records occur from the nature of this competition, but they are not the main focus of The QUADRUPEDŽ.

In the beginning of this competition we would throw into the wind, but then the competitors wanted to vote on throwing direction before the event. Almost every vote has been with the wind since we began voting. We no longer pay attention to if these records are wind aided or not.










    106.62 yds Team KEEPER ALCHERA Mariusz Kielczyk       (97.5 meters)                                                (Europe)


    1st  116.553 yds  Team DAVY  R McLeod
    2nd 116 yds     Team KATE  G Duke
    3rd  104.6 yds    Team BAYER  G Duke
    4th  103.3 yds    Team BULLET  G Duke
    5th  100.5 yds    Team BAZOOKA  M Bilderback
    6th   97 yds       Team KENO  P Dean
    7th   96 yds       Team WINSTON  D Taylor

    8th   95 yds       Team LC  A Busby
    9th   91.86 yds  Team LAIKA  C Sexton
    10th  91 yds      Team MAGGIE  M DiAno
            90.7 yds    Team EDGE  D Barrus
        90.3 yds    Team CARTER  T Watts
            89 yds      Team JOSIE  R Hartman
            89 yds      Team JACK  C Knapp
            88.8 yds   Team RIZZO  N Bednar
            87.5 yds    Team KILLIAN  J Scheetz
            87 yds       Team YARD DART  A Custer
            86.6 yds    Team RILEY  J Troelstrup
            86.5 yds    Team AUGGIE  T Gieb
            85.5 yds    Team ROOSTER  J Troelstrup
            84 yds       Team GEO CANE  J Troelstrup
84 yds       Team GALLY  R Hartman
            84 yds      Team The CAKE  C Brownlee
            83.5 yds    Team REX  V Wallace
83.5 yds    Team MOLLY  J Tennis
            82.5 yds    Team MAMBO  M Bilderback
            82.3 yds    Team STINGER  G Tresan
            82 yds       Team KT  M Dillon
            81 yds       Team MOO  D Barrus
            81 yds       Team BUDDY  M Bilderback
            81 yds       Team EZ RYDER  R Watson

            81 yds       Team RIFF RAFF  R Rauwerda
            81 yds       Team KAI BEAR  Ron Watson
            80.6 yds    Team CODY  A Busby
80.5 yds    Team BANZAI  C Sexton

            80.5 yds    Team MARCY   N Bednar
            80.5 yds    Team HYDRO  J Offi
            80.5 yds    Team ROYAL  S Johnson
80 yds       Team PISMO  F Rosenblum
80 yds       Team BELLA  T Murnan


           92.03 yds   Team MEJZI  Kristyna Noskova   (Europe)
            (84.16 meters)

    1st   81.3 yds   Team SKETCH  K McIlveen

    2nd  73 yds     Team PSY  K Mcilveen
    3rd   72.6 yds   Team MAGGIE  K Ross
    4th   70.5 yds    Team MUDDOOSA  K Mills
    5th   70 yds       Team WENDY  B Hensley
    6th   69 yds      Team HUCKLEBERRY  A Rigler
    7th   68.5 yds    Team TOWSER  J Scheetz
    8th   68 yds       Team KEEGAN  K Mills
9th   67.8 yds     Team SPLIT   K Ross

    10th  67.5 yds    Team MAGGEY  K Hanson

             67 yds       Team STORM  M Chenoweth

             65.5 yds   Team ANCI   T Prudden
             64.3 yds    Team TENZING  B Jordahl
             64 yds       Team KARU  J Miller
             63.5 yds    Team MIA  A Withee
             63 yds       Team RED KILLIAN T Prudden
             63 yds       Team MOLLY A Guth
             62.5 yds    Team BLADE  T Custer
             62.5 yds    Team ZEEK  D Oneill
             62.3 yds   Team JASMIN  J Graham
             62.3 yds   Team STORM  S Best

             62 yds     Team KIPP  A Cadena
         62 yds     Team BAILEY  J Graham
             62 yds     Team BANNER   C Campbell
             61.5 yds  Team ARES  D Hart
             61.5 yds   Team FABI   S Visocchi
             61 yds     Team SAMMIE  S DiSalvo
             60.3 yds  Team CROSSBONES  K Mills
             60 yds     Team BUG  M Chenoweth
             60 yds     Team COURAGE  T Custer

             60 yds     Team PIRATE  A Guth
             60 yds     Team APEX  D Hart
             59 yds     Team DIBS  B Reinhold
             58.5 yds  Team LEXIE  B Hensley
             58.5 yds  Team JASMINE  M Largent
58.3 yds  Team MOWGLI  B Jordahl

             58 yds     Team RINGO  J Brunton
             58 yds     Team RIFF RAFF  A Ewtushik
             57.5 yds  Team LEVI  J Budd
             57.5 yds  Team RALLY  A Ewtushik
             57.5 yds  Team FREDDIE  B Hensley
             57.3 yds  Team SHEELA  G O'Malley
             57.3 yds  Team JOULES  B Mattison
             56.5 yds  Team DYLAN  D Schoech
             56.5 yds   Team TOBY  A Guth