Working on another QUADRUPED Series to take place in 2018. There will be three cities, and only a team's best two results will count toward the series championship. Texas, Indiana, Kansas.
 March 11th  (Sunday)   Houston, Texas     May 19th  (Saturday)   Lebanon, Indiana     June 9th  (Saturday)    Lawrence, Kansas

The series will only apply toward the Women's Open Div. and the Men's Open Div. That is because if you want to be the best, then you must compete against the best, and that is the Open Divisions.

1st  -  10 points
2nd  -  9 points
3rd  -  8 points
4th  -  7 points
5th  -  6 points                       Points for place finished will be awarded to the teams as shown....
6th  -  5 points
7th  -  4 points
8th  -  3 points
9th  -  2 points
10th  -  1 point

Tiebreakers for the series will be a team's longest catch at any of the three cities. If that does not decide things, then a team's next longest catch will be used for the tiebreaker. That will continue until a tiebreaker is decided.

Teams will be competing for the honor of receiving a very heavy black marble obelisk with their names on it, very similar to the one shown here..

Jeff Hoot, Director