May 15th 2010
Kokomo Indiana

The QUAD Series arrived in Kokomo Indiana for the second leg of the series. A great field location, and some wonderful weather gave us a very fun weekend of competition.

Heat (1) started with a 3 for 3 effort by Colleen Hegyi & HAZE, and a best catch of just short of 40-yds. Deanne Hart & ARES had a pair of catches in the low 30’s and that left them on the hot seat. The remaining teams of Kathy Mills & STRETCH and Laura Campbell & CRUSH used only one throw each to get the job done. Team ARES was gone. In Round 2 it was the much-feared strikeout for Kathy Mills and her borrowed dog STRETCH. Throws in the mid to upper 40’s made it extra painful because they would have easily advanced. Team CRUSH made it official with only one throw, Team STRETCH was gone. The Final Round began with a catch for Team HAZE, but 29-yds was not enough to cause any damage. Team CRUSH used only one throw again, good for 42.3-yds, and it was too much to overcome. Team CRUSH made the Finals.

Heat (2) was a modified heat with only three teams. Heather Bednar & FLICK were very consistent with every throw landing at 38-yds. Christina Curtis & NITRO came out very strong, going 3 for 3 and a best catch of 54-yds. It was almost a strikeout for Angela Ewtushik & RIFF RAFF, but their last throw was good for a catch. Unfortunately 35-yds was not enough to avoid elimination, and Team RIFF RAFF was gone. The Final Round was a much-feared strikeout for Team FLICK. On the other hand Team NITRO powered into the Finals with a 51-yd catch.

Heat (3) was also a modified heat with only three teams. Apryl Lea & KIVA were very strong by going 3 for 3 and a best catch of 48.5-yds. Tracy Custer & BLADE needed only one throw to do the dirty deed, good for 49-yds. Danielle O’Neill & ZEEK missed on their first throw, and then delivered the axe with a 50.3-yd catch. Team KIVA was gone. The Final Round was a significant moment in the women’s half of the series. Team BLADE missed on their first two throws in the low 50’s. While Team ZEEK had a pair of catches in the mid 50’s, a 56.5-yd catch to be specific. Team BLADE avoided the strikeout on their last throw, yet 49-yds was not enough to stop Team ZEEK from going to the Finals.

The Last Chance Heat had three teams throwing in the 50’s. Kathy Mills & STRETCH were one of those teams, yet they fell victim to another much-feared strikeout. Tracy Custer & BLADE made a strong case for themselves, two throws in the 50’s, one of them good for 52-yds. However, Angela Ewtushik & RIFF RAFF took control by going 3 for 3 and the longest catch of the entire day for any of the women, good for 58-yds. Team RIFF RAFF made the Finals.

It was very competitive, with some excellent teams, and no strikeouts. Catches were everywhere in the mid 40’s of the First Round. Angela Ewtushik & RIFF RAFF’s 41-yd catch did not help them avoid elimination. In the Second Round Laura Campbell & CRUSH scored for 44-yds, and them really helped themselves with a 48-yd catch. Christina Curtis & NITRO were right there in the hunt, going 3 for 3 again, good for 45.3-yds. Team ZEEK used only one throw, a 51-yd catch, and Team NITRO was gone. The Final Round began with Team ZEEK taking a lead at 47.6-yds. Team CRUSH delivered just short of that mark, good for 46.5-yds. Team ZEEK then extended their lead with a significant catch, good for 56-yds. Team CRUSH finished the day going 3 for 3 and no misses, but it was too much for them to overcome. Team ZEEK takes the win, and in the process seizes control of the lead in the women’s half of The QUAD Series. Team ZEEK is now in position to become the first team ever to repeat as back-to-back series champions.

In Heat (1) the three teams that advanced out of the First Round were Rick Rauwerda & RIFF RAFF, Mike Hanson & MAGGEY, and Darron Barrus with The EDGE. The Second Round started with a 3 for 3 effort by Team RIFF RAFF, but a pair of 65-yd catches left them on the chopping block. The remaining suspects wasted very little time and used only one throw each to do the dirty deed, Team RIFF RAFF was gone. Mike Hanson & MAGGEY got the Final Round going with a 65.5-yd catch. Darron Barrus & The EDGE then immediately seize the lead on a 71-yd catch. A pair of misses that were close to doing some damage for Team MAGGEY was not enough to get the job done. It was Barrus & The EDGE off to the Finals.

The contenders in Heat (2) were Nate Bednar & MARCY, John Troelstrup & GEO, and Adrian Custer & YARD DART. In Round Two Team MARCY could only manage one catch, but it was a nice one, good for 73.6-yds. Waiting for Troelstrup & GEO was the much-feared strikeout, and that made things easy for Team YARD DART. One throw later Team GEO was gone. The Final Round began with Team YARD DART going first, and they delivered with a 75.5-yd catch. Team MARCY managed to go 2 for 3, but their 68-yd best catch was not enough to stop Team YARD DART from going to the Finals.

A huge strategy gamble is how Heat (3) began. Ron Watson & EZ RYDER score for 75-yds on their first throw, and then skip their other two throws, and it works. Matt DiAno & MAGGIE and Gary Duke & BAYER then join them in the next round. Team EZ RYDER scores for 69.6-yds to start the Second Round. Matt DiAno & MAGGIE have a pair of misses and flirt with the much-feared strikeout. They manage to avoid it with their last throw, but Team MAGGIE has left themselves exposed on a 52-yd catch. Team BAYER now has what appears to be an easy knock out, but they scorch themselves with a very painful much-feared strikeout. Every one of their throws would have got the job done. Team MAGGIE moves on. In the Final Round Team MAGGIE takes the lead at 59-yds, while Team EZ RYDER comes up just two feet short on a 58.3-yd catch. With their second throw Team EZ RYDER grabs the lead on a 64-yd catch. Team MAGGIE does not have an answer, and they are gone.

Mike Hanson & MAGGEY get the lead in the Last Chance Heat, good for 67-yds. John Troelstrup & GEO are just short at 66-yds. Matt Bilderback & BELLA make some noise while they take the lead at 74-yds. It comes down to the very last team, who has been making a habit of getting to the Finals this way. With their second throw, Team BAYER delivers the knock out with a 76.5-yd catch to advance.

Round One has The EDGE and EZ RYDER score for catches in the mid to upper 60’s. Team YARD DART misses twice at 59-yds before they get burned by the much-feared strikeout on their last throw. It was extra painful because that last throw would have done some damage. It takes Team BAYER two throws to do something about it, and Team YARD DART is gone. In Round Two Barrus & The EDGE go 2 for 3 and help themselves a lot with a 71-yd catch. Watson & EZ RYDER also go 2 for 3, yet a best catch of 65-yds leave them wishing they had more. Team BAYER then misses twice and feels the much-feared strikeout approaching. Their last throw saves them of that pain, good for 73-yds, and Team EZ RYDER is gone. The Final Round is now set with the two teams that are at the top of the Men’s half of The QUAD Series. It starts with Team EDGE taking the lead at 72.5-yds. Team BAYER just misses at 70-yds, then gets on the board with their second toss, good for 70.5-yds, but not enough for the lead. Team EDGE finishes by going 3 for 3 and everything in the 70’s. It’s too much for Team BAYER who’s last throw falls as a miss at 65-yds. Barrus & The EDGE take the win and put a big pad lock on the series lead. It is now mathematically possible for only one team to take the series championship away from them. Should Team EDGE win in Missouri, it’s over.





1 Sue Joy – JUICE (47)
2 Sarah Duke – KATE (46)
3 Mary Jo Corso – DREAMER (36)
4 Corinne Brewer – KANGAROO JACK (46)
5 Tania Lex – JUN (46)
6 Liz Lovins – KIT (36 – 35)
7 Christy Duff – CRASH (36 – 34)
8 Sheridan Gilchrist – BRUNO (32.5)
9 Amy Mazzio – SASSY (31)
10 Debby Gravitt – ESPN (30)
11 Carol Herbertz – ZIVA GRACIE (28)
12 Megan Bilderback – BUDDY (21.5)
13 Amanda Morten – HARLEY (21.3)
14 Kathleen O’Neill – MILLIE-2 (21)

Longest Catch  47-yds  Team JUICE – S. Joy

1 Danielle O’Neill – ZEEK (56.5 – 56 – 56 – 54)
2 Laura Campbell – CRUSH (52 – 48.5 – 48 – 46.5)
3 Christina Curtis – NITRO (54 – 51 – 45.3 – 45)
4 Angela Ewtushik – RIFF RAFF (58 – 52.5 – 52 – 41)
5 Tracy Custer – BLADE (52 – 52 – 49 – 49)
6 Apryl Lea – KIVA (48.5 – 42.5 – 41 – 38)
7 Kathy Mills – STRETCH (45)
8 Heather Bednar – FLICK (42 – 40.5 – 38 – 38)
9 Colleen Hegyi – HAZE (39.5 – 38.3 – 36.5 – 35.3)
10 Deneanne Hart – ARES (39 – 34 – 33)

Longest Catch  58-yds  Team RIFF RAFF – A. Ewtushik

1 Greg Wagner – TOOT (68)
2 Tom Wehrli – COCO (60.5)
3 Todd Bybee – INDY (67.5)
4 Bob Hegyi – JAVA (50)
5 Andrew Han – SOLAR (62)
6 John Gerhard – DUKE (55)
7 Ron King – BRUNO (52.5)
8 Chip Hershey – GRIPER (50.5)
9 Jordan Bybee – JESSE (46.5)
10 Michael Curtis – JETTA (40)
11 Rick Kimball – RUDY (36.5)

Longest Catch  68-yds  Team TOOT – G. Wagner

1 Darron Barrus – THE EDGE (72.5 – 71.5 – 71 – 71)
2 Gary Duke – BAYER (76.5 – 73 – 70.5 – 64)
3 Ron Watson – EZ RYDER (75 – 69.6 – 66 – 65)
4 Adrian Custer – YARD DART (75.5 – 70.5 – 63 – 31)
5 Nate Bednar – MARCY (76.5 – 73.6 – 69 – 68)
6 Mike Hanson – MAGGEY (76.5 – 65.5 – 65 – 59.6)
7 Matt Bilderback – BELLA (74 – 60.5)
8 Matt DiAno – MAGGIE (73 – 59 – 52)
9 John Troelstrup – GEO CANE (71 – 67 – 66)
10 Rick Rauwerda – RIFF RAFF (67 – 65 – 65 – 64)
11 Shaun Johnson – ROYAL (64 – 54)
12 Chip Baker – SEEKER (62 – 62 – 59 – 58)
13 Jeff Duff – SASHA (56 – 48)
14 Tracy Farmer – PARTY BOY ACE (52 – 47 – 37)
15 Tom Clements – FIESTA (51)
16 Chandler Curtis – JACK (45 – 45)
17 Matt Maynard – ANABELLE (43.5 – 42 – 42 – 40)

Longest Catch  76.5-yds  (3-way Tiebreaker)  Team BAYER – G. Duke


Jeff Hoot, Director