May 17th 2008
Kokomo Indiana


We made some more incredible memories in Kokomo Indiana. With cool temps and a sustained 10-20mph tailwind, it was the windiest QUAD we've had since teams started voting to throw with the wind (5 years??). During the day of competition our competitor row took a beating from the wind as we lost a total of 8 EZ-UP tents to the trash pile (All of which were staked down). We were fortunate that nobody or their dog(s) got hurt. Minutes after the competition was over, the wind died to nothing.

WOMEN'S DIV. Heat (1) was the much-feared strikeout for Stacey Omland & YUKON. After cleaning up my score sheet blunder of Round One we ended up with a 31-yd tie for elimination in Round Two between Amy Mazzio & DEBIT and Wendy Grandman & BOGEY. It was Wendy Grandman & BOGEY that came out of it to face Carol Herbertz & IGGY POP in the last round. Team BOGEY gets a lead on their first throw (35-yds) and never let go of it. Carol Herbertz & IGGY POP got off a couple of throws that were very close to the area needed, but were unable to stop Wendy Grandman & BOGEY from going to the Finals. It was a very competitive Heat (2), not the kind of place to start with a strikeout, which is what Denise Thornton & BLAIDDEN did. The remaining suspects were ruthlessly quick with the axe. Sue Joy & MORGAN get a lead in the Second Round of 33.5yds. The remaining suspects used only two throws to deliver an elimination to Team MORGAN. In the Final Round the second throw from Tina Richards & SHELIA is good for a lead at 37yds. Heather Bednar & FLICK go out swinging hard though, their last throw was good for 36.5yds and just half a yard short of what they needed, Team SHELIA to the Finals. Heat (3) began with Danielle O'Neil & ZEEK just avoiding the much-feared strikeout on their last toss (31.3yds). Len Bostock & BAILE were not as lucky in avoiding the strikeout, Team BAILE gone. In Round Two Danielle O'Neil & ZEEK go 2 for 3 with a best of 38yds. Christy Duff & CRASH need all 3 throws to best them by one yard (39yds). Laura Campbell & JUICE just miss what's needed with their first catch, but then eliminate Team ZEEK with a 39.3yd catch. In The Final Round Laura Campbell & JUICE just steam rolled over Christy Duff & CRASH. Team JUICE went 46, 48, and 46 to make the Finals by 12yds. The Last Chance Heat was one of the best we have seen in quite some time. Stacey Omland & YUKON got serious with 3 throws in the 40's, and a best catch of 44yds. Heather Bednar & FLICK and Danielle O'Neil & ZEEK threaten it with tosses in the low 40's, but both are misses. It comes down to the last team's last throw, Christy Duff & CRASH. They manage to pull off a 44yd catch to tie it and cause a tie breaker to go to the Finals. Stacey Omland & YUKON have to throw first, and it was incredible to watch. At 42yds YUKON gave us an effort as if the dog's life depended on that catch. The crash and burn was rather significant, YUKON was ok, but it was a miss. Christy Duff & CRASH then score for 28yds and join the Finals.

WOMEN'S FINALS Round One sees all new teams competing in The QUAD, but every one of them was looking like QUAD veterans. It starts with everyone getting catches of upper 30's and a lower 40. That's when Laura Campbell & JUICE got scorched by the much-feared strikeout. Multiple throws from them that were good enough to advance made it extra painful. Round Two left Wendy Grandman & BOGEY exposed on a pair of catches, with a best of 34.6yds. Then the much-feared strikeout reared up and took another victim, Tina Richards & SHELIA and that let Team BOGEY off the hook. In the Final Round Wendy Grandman & BOGEY grab the lead on the first throw (36yds). Christy Duff & CRASH get off a 39yd toss, but it's a miss. Team BOGEY bumps it up 2yds on their 2nd toss, good for 38yds. It comes down to the last throw from Christy Duff & CRASH, it's good, but just a yard short of what's needed (37). Canadian Wendy Grandman & BOGEY score the win at their first QUAD.

WOMEN'S OPEN DIV. A very interesting Heat (1) that started with Mary Jo Corso & RUDY getting the much-feared strikeout. Christina Curtis & NITRO almost join them, but they ease up on their last toss and pull in a 25yd catch. Then Kathy Mills & STEWART join in with a strikeout of their own. It results in a tie breaker for elimination which Mary Jo Corso & RUDY win. Then Team RUDY edges Amy King & REDBONE by half a yard in Round Two. In the Final Round Christina Curtis & NITRO grab the lead a 44yds. It is too much for Mary Jo Corso & RUDY and another much -feared strikeout arrives, Team NITRO to the Finals. Heat (2) of this division was the strongest heat of the day for the women's half of the competition. Misty Wright, Tracy Custer, and Colleen Hegyi were all good with healthy catches when Susan Markham & HURRICANE were down to their last throw with two strikes. Team HURRICANE pops for 50yds and Colleen Hegyi & HAZE are gone. Misty Wright (showing signs of serious practice) and Tracy Custer then give Susan Markham & HURRICANE the business in Round Two by 8yds. In the Final Round Misty Wright & SAMPSON loose their groove and can only muster throws and a catch in the upper 30's. Tracy Custer and her trusty BLADE had no such problems, they steam rolled onto the Finals (48, 48, and 58yds). Heat (3) was an extra painful much-feared strikeout by Deneane Hart & ARES. Two of their throws would have done it, one was a 53yd miss. We ended up with Angela Ewtushik & RALLY and Natalie Moore & CAPTAIN JACK in the Final Round. Natalie took the lead, Angela took it away, Natalie took it back by half a yard, Angela took it away again (45yds). The 50yd catch on their last throw sealed the deal and gave a Finals appearance to Angela Ewtushik & RALLY. The Last Chance Heat players were Kathy Mills & STEWART, Misty Wright & SAMPSON, Susan Markham & HURRICANE, and Deneane Hart & ARES. In the end Kathy Mills & STEWART squeak past Misty Wright & SAMPSON by only half a yard (49yds).

WOMEN'S OPEN FINALS Christina Curtis & NITRO do themselves proud in Round One, two healthy catches, one for 51yds. Kathy Mills & STEWART were cranking it up with throws in the 50's, but the much-feared strikeout took yet another victim. The remaining got it, fast, ruthless, eliminated. Round Two has Christina Curtis & NITRO getting a pair of catches and a best of 46yds. Angela Ewtushik & RALLY are a yard shy on their first catch (45yds), and their 2nd throw miss of 48.5 leave them in serious need. They rise to the occasion and by one yard take the lead at 47yds. Tracy Custer & BLADE need two throws to get the job done (52yds) and Team NITRO is gone. The Final Round was intense. Angela Ewtushik & RALLY take the lead at 52yds, while Tracy Custer & BLADE come up a few yards shorter. With their 2nd toss Team RALLY extend their lead by a yard (53yds). Tracy Custer who is rather good with her BLADE, makes a statement by scoring the lead at 55yds. Down to their last throw Team RALLY stands at the throwing line in 2nd place and facing last year's champions, they need something special. By one foot they deliver to take the lead back (55.3yds). Team BLADE goes out with a fantastic effort, but it's short by one yard and a miss (54.3yds). Canadians Angela Ewtushik & RALLY score the win at their first QUAD.

MEN'S DIV. Heat (1) with 5 teams (modified heat) had what I think was the first triple strikeout ever. We drew straws for the elimination tie breaker and then watched Mark Gose & MYA explode with a 63yd catch to win the tie breaker. Round Two left Bob Hegyi & BUSTER feeling exposed on a 32yd catch. The remaining got it, fast, ruthless, eliminated. In the Final Round Don Blewett & SPRING seize the lead with their first catch (52.3yds). Mark Gose then delivers yet another great throw to MYA, it's good for the lead at 56yds. With a strike on their 2nd toss, Team SPRING is in serious need on their last throw. They rise to the occasion and 58yds later Don Blewett & SPRING have the lead. After having missed the event last year, Mark Gose is feeling the pressure. Team MYA continues the throwing excellence, side steps the ice cold axe of elimination, delivers for 61yds and goes to the Finals in their first QUAD. Heat (2) came down to Chandler Curtis & LOCO, Rick Rauwerda & RIFF RAFF, and Ron King & MONTE BOY. Last year Chandler Curtis & LOCO almost won this division, but in Round Two today they leave themselves exposed with a 44yd catch. Rick Rauwerda & RIFF RAFF use only one throw to do the dirty deed. Then we talked to Ron King about what Chandler Curtis did to him last year. The motivation talk works wonders and one throw later (52.5yds) Chandler Curtis & LOCO get some ice cold axe. In the Final Round Rick Rauwerda & RIFF RAFF get off one 50, but a much-feared strikeout takes them down. A simple 3yd catch is all Ron King & MONTE BOY use to go onto the Finals. In Heat (3) the major players were Erich Steffensen & JAVA, Jeff Duff & JESSE, and Paul O'Donnell & KELLY. It was a much-feared strikeout that took Jeff Duff & JESSE out in Round Two. Extra painful because Team JESSE had one 70yd throw. In the Final Round Paul O'Donnell & KELLY score big on a 72yd catch. It's far too much for Erich Steffensen & JAVA to overcome, Team KELLY to the Finals. In the Last Chance Heat the big players were Todd Bybee & VEGAS, Don Blewett & SPRING, Chandler Curtis & LOCO, Brenton Basinger & MOO, Scott Jones & BOLAERO, and Jeff Duff & JESSE. However, there was this one throw that was good for 68yds by Rick Rauwerda & RIFF RAFF, and that's who gets into the Finals.

MEN'S FINALS  It starts with Ron King & MONTE BOY tasting the much-feared strikeout (at least there will be no post Chandler Curtis trauma counseling this year for Ron). Mark Gose & MYA only used a 1yd catch to do the dirty deed, Team MONTE BOY gone. In Round Two Mark Gose & MYA were good on a pair of 58yd catches. Rich Rauwerda & RIFF RAFF are in for 56yds. Paul O'Donnell & KELLY almost strikeout, but then score for only 41yds, Team KELLY gone. Rick Rauwerda & RIFF RAFF miss big to start the Final Round while Mark Gose & MYA do not (58yds). Team RIFF RAFF then brings out their best throwing of the day right when it was needed the most. The 2nd throw for Team RIFF RAFF is good for 68yds and takes the lead by 10yds. After a miss by Team MYA it's the last throw for Team RIFF RAFF. They make the best of it and improve by a few yards, good for 71yds. With their last toss Team MYA gets off their longest throw of the day, but it's a 65yd miss. Rick Rauwerda & RIFF RAFF give Canada 3 wins in the first 3 divisions.

MEN'S OPEN DIV.  The major players of Heat (1) were Shaun Johnson & ROYAL, Chip Baker & SEEKER, and Adrian Custer & SIX. It was almost a strikeout for Chip Baker & SEEKER in Round Two, but their last throw is good for 63yds. Only needing one throw to do the dirty deed, Adrian Custer & SIX score for 69yds, and Team SEEKER is gone. In the Final Round Shaun Johnson & ROYAL just miss at 71yds while Adrian Custer & SIX do not miss (71yds). Team ROYAL scores a catch in the mid 50's and makes a toss of almost 70, but it's too much to overcome and Adrian Custer & SIX make the Finals. Heat (2) starts with some huge bombs from Gary Duke (85) and Matt Bilderback (81). Joining those two to advance to the next round was Darron Barrus & THE EDGE. A catch of 65 for Darron & EDGE is not safe in Round Two, so on their last throw they score for 73yds to make things a lot more difficult. Gary Duke & BAYER almost strikeout, yet manage a 55.3yd catch on their last throw. Matt Bilderback & BUDDY use only one throw to score the catch (72yds) that eliminates Gary Duke & BAYER. In the Final Round Darron Barrus & THE EDGE score for 76yds. Suddenly Matt Bilderback & BUDDY are only able to throw in the upper 60's, and their 65yd catch is not enough to keep Team EDGE from the Finals. Heat (3) had some QUAD Series implications going on. In Round Two Rick Kimball & DUGAN are 2 for 3, yet their best catch of 42.5yds is not safe. John Troelstrup & ROOSTER & Nate Bednar & MARCY use only one throw each to eliminate Rick Kimball & DUGAN. In the Final Round both Troelstrup and Bednar begin with two strikes, and the throws are only in the 50's. On their 3rd and final throw Nate Bednar & MARCY make a strong case with a 68yd catch. The last throw from John Troelstrup & ROOSTER was a painful miss of 58yds. It's off to the Finals for Team MARCY and suddenly there is a new sheriff in The QUAD Series. The name was Darron Barrus and his deputy EDGE. In the Last Chance Heat Shaun Johnson & ROYAL grab the lead at 62.3yds and hold it for awhile. Gary Duke & BAYER take it from them on a 72.5yd catch. Matt Bilderback & BUDDY seriously threaten it, then go down with a strikeout. With the men's half of The QUAD Series lead at stake, John Troelstrup & ROOSTER just manage to get by Gary Duke and BAYER by half a yard (73yds). Ron Watson & FLOW are then in a position to do some damage, and two of their throws were there, the timing was not. A scorching much-feared strikeout takes down Team FLOW and that slippery fish known as John Troelstrup and his deputy ROOSTER are off to the Finals to challenge the new sheriff of the series.

MEN'S OPEN FINALS  Nate Bednar & MARCY start us off with a very healthy 72.5yd catch. John Troelstrup & ROOSTER score on the first throw for 62yds. Then get off two more throws of 72 and 81, but with both as a miss it leaves Team ROOSTER seriously exposed on the chopping block. Darron Barrus & THE EDGE use two throws to score for 66.5yds and move on. Adrian Custer & SIX are in a position to lay some ice cold axe on Team ROOSTER and possibly give us a new series leader. Two of their throws had the distance, but it's a much-feared strikeout that takes out Adrian Custer & SIX and that slippery fish is still alive. In Round Two a fading arm only delivers two catches for Nate Bednar & MARCY, their best was just 63.5yds. John Troelstrup & ROOSTER only need one throw, but take two anyhow, and score for a 79.6yd catch. Darron Barrus and his deputy EDGE only need 64yds to get the job done. Two of their throws would have closed the deal, but a much-feared strikeout brings their stint as the new sheriff in town to an end (was this the moment that Team ROOSTER takes the men's half of the series??). Nate Bednar & MARCY start the Final Round with a catch of 57yds, then bump it up to 66yds on the second throw. John Troelstrup & ROOSTER start with two strikes. A miss on the last throw for Team MARCY leave them at 66yds. John Troelstrup & ROOSTER now stand at the throwing line with one throw for an awful lot of glory. A catch of more than 66yds would give them the win, slam the door shut on the men's half of The QUAD Series, and make John one of only two throwers (Christi C Sexton) to score 5 wins at The QUAD. How he could possibly be standing there in that position can only be described by two words.... slippery fish. The throw comes off John's hand and it is a GREAT THROW. Somewhere in the upper 70's ROOSTER tips the disc up in the air and it crosses the 80 with the dog in hot pursuit, and I mean really hot pursuit. At 82yds it touches the ground with the dog so close to making the catch that it was criminal, absolutely criminal. Nate Bednar & MARCY win their first QUAD.

Congratulations to the Canadians for joining us and for kicking some American butt. The Series may have been decided in Kokomo Indiana for the men's half of it, yet the door is still open for Darron Barrus & THE EDGE and Nate Bednar & MARCY. A win in Denver for Team MARCY would take it, where as Team EDGE must win Denver and have an 80yd+ catch in there somewhere to get the job done. For the women's half, it's wide open with about 8 or 10 teams in position to take the Series.   UFO/QUAD Weekend in Denver !!!   (August 16/17th)


Jeff Hoot, Director


Women's Div
1  Wendy Grandman ­ BOGEY  (38)
2  Christy Duff ­ CRASH  (44)
3  Tina Richards ­ SHELIA  (37.5)
4  Laura Cambell ­ JUICE  (48)
5  Carol Herbertz ­ IGGY POP  (45.5)
Stacey Omland ­ YUKON  (44)
Heather Bednar ­ FLICK  (38/36.6)
8  Danielle Oneill ­ ZEEK  (38/35)
Sue Joy ­ MORGAN  (38/33.5)
10  Deanna Jones ­ BOLAERO  (37)
11  Len Bostock ­ BALIE  (36)
12  Amy Mazzio ­ DEBIT  (31)
13  Carolyn Hudetz ­ KASPAR  (26.5)
14  Denise Thornton ­ BLAIDDEN
Longest Catch 48-yds   L. Cambell - JUICE
Men's Div
1  Rick Rauwerda ­ RIFF RAFF  (71)
2  Mark Gose ­ MYA  (61)
Paul O Donnell ­ KELLY  (72)
Ron King ­ MONTE BOY  (52.5)
Chandler Curtis ­ LOCO  (58/54)
6  Don Blewitt ­ SPRING  (58/52.3)
7  Todd Bybee ­ VEGAS  (57)
8  Brenton Basinger ­ THE MOO  (53.5)
9  Erich Stffensen ­ JAVA  (52.3)
10  Scott Jones ­ BOLAREO  (52/51)
11  Jeff Duff ­ JESSE  (52/50)
12  Bob Hegyi ­ BUSTER  (46)
13  Dan Mazzio ­ VANDAL  (44)
14  Paul Hudetz ­ KASPAR
14  Tim Zimmer ­ BUSTER
Longest Catch 72-yds  P. O'Donnell - KELLY
Women's Open Div
1  Angela Ewtushik ­ RALLY  (55.3)
2  Tracy Custer ­ BLADE  (58)
Christina Curtis ­ NITRO  (47.3)
4  Kathy Mills ­ STEWART  (49)
5  Misty Wright ­ SAMPSON  (51.5)
6  Susan Markham ­ HURRICANE  (50)
7  Amy King ­ REDBONE  (41/37)
Colleen Hegyi ­ HAZE  (41/36)
Natalie Moore ­ CAPTAIN JACK  (39.5)
10  Mary Jo Corso ­ RUDY  (37.5)
11  Deneane Hart ­ ARES
Longest Catch 58-yds T. Custer - BLADE
Men's Open Div
Nate Bednar ­ MARCY  (72.5)
2  John Troelstrup ­ ROOSTER  (79.6)
Darron Barrus ­ THE EDGE  (77.5)
Adrian Custer ­ SIX  (79)
Matt Bilderback ­ BUDDY  (81)
6  Gary Duke ­ BAYER  (72.3)
7  Shaun Johnson ­ ROYAL  (71.5)
8  Chip Baker ­ SEEKER  (63)
Jeff Wright ­ SADIE  (60.5)
10  Matt Maynard ­ ANNABELLE  (59.5)
11  Kevin Eroskey ­ BROOK  (58)
12  Rick Kimball ­ DUGAN  (50.5/49)
13  Greg Kiesow ­ EINSTEIN  (50.5)
14  Ron Watson - FLOW
Longest Catch  81-yds M. Bilderback - BUDDY