May 19th 2007
Kokomo Indiana


In our nationís heartland, Mother Nature gave us a last gasp of winter the day before the competition and dropped the temps into the frost range at night. It was nice however the day of the event, with fair winds that came and went around 5-10mph. The competition was completed with no foot-faults the entire day.
Heat 1 saw Kim Newman & TAG along with Heather Bednar & MARCY making things ruff for Nadja Palenzuala & WEE LA. When it was over Heather Bednar & MARCY became the first team ever to make the Finals in the state of Indiana. In Heat 2 Katie Rhoades & BUDDY and Carol Herbertz & IGGY POP helplessly watch in horror as a much-feared strikeout takes Gen Kruzick & RUTH. Team IGGY POP recovers from the trauma first and takes the heat by 7-yds. Heat 3 was all about Mary Jo Corso & RUDY, but a life altering much-feared strikeout in the final round allowed Paula Kebel & PEE DEE to grab a Finals spot. In the Last Chance Heat Kim Newman & TAG got the lead early and held on for a long time, right down to the last competitor. Somehow Mary Jo Corso & RUDY managed to get some CPR after their strike-out and will themselves to take the last Finals spot by almost 10-yds.
Round One was very tightly contested with all the teams bunched within a few yards of each other. The ice-cold axe is not warm however, and by just half a yard it was time for Heather Bednar & MARCY to go. In the Second Round Carol Herbertz & IGGY POP and Paula Kebel & PEE DEE are looking good in the mid to high 20ís. Mary Jo Corso & RUDY on the other hand are living the trauma of yet another life altering much-feared strikeout where everyone of their throws would have gotten the job done. In the Final Round Carol Herbertz & IGGY POP make the bold move and decide to throw first, but itís Paula Kebel & PEE DEE who grab the lead on their first toss, good for 29.5-yds. Team IGGY POP gets off some good throws that are in the area needed, but they are 4-yds short. It gives Paula Kebel & PEE DEE the first win in the state of Indiana.

Heat 1 saw Natalie Moore & DIAMOND land a pair of catches at 32-yds. Tracy Custer whipped out a BLADE, then Amy King pulled out some REDBONE, and that was all she wrote for team DIAMOND. Even though it was a strikeout that took Amy King & REDBONE in the end, they put up a rather significant fight before Tracy Custer was able to drop her BLADE into the Finals. Heat 2 was very competitive, with Misty Wright & SAMPSON and Christine Curtis & CAPTAIN JACK battling to the end. The life altering much-feared strikeout takes Misty Wright & SAMPSON while Christine Curtis & CAPTAIN JACK ride a 44-yd catch all the way to the Finals. It was a very tuff Heat 3, in the First Round all the teams were bunched within a few yards of each other. The ice-cold axe is not warm however, and by less than a yard it was time for Kathy Mills & STEWART NOT SO LITTLE to go. Susan Markham & HURRICANE had to work hard to overcome the fantastic teamwork between Deneane Hart and her small poodle ARES. It was Team HURRICANE onto the Finals by a little more than 2-yds. There were a whole bunch of strikeouts in the Last Chance Heat. Kara Gilmore & BANDIT were in it with a 37-yds catch, but Deneane Hart and those short little poodle legs of ARES need only one throw to score for 40-yds to get the last Finals spot.
In the First Round Team ARES and Team HURRICANE were in the upper 40ís while Christine Curtis & CAPTAIN JACK were left exposed on a 41-yd catch. Tracy Custer pulled out her BLADE, and with one slash, Christine Curtis & CAPTAIN JACK were gone. Round Two saw Deneane Hart & ARES go from catches in the 40ís to a measly 32-yd catch. Susan Markham & HURRICANE needed all three throws to get the job done. Tracy Custer again pulled out her BLADE, and with one slash, Deneane Hart & ARES were gone. Somehow in the Final Round it was Tracy Custer and her trusty BLADE that had to go first, 49-yd miss. Susan Markham & HURRICANE then take the lead at 30-yds. Thatís when Tracy Custer just went hog wild with her trusty BLADE. Their second throw was the longest catch of the day for the women, good for 58-yds, and a win at their first QUAD.
In Heat 1 itís Chip Hershey & LEXI getting toasted by the much-feared strikeout. Marshall Smith & BUD then fling themselves into the toaster for a taste of that much-feared strikeout. Every throw would have taken care of Ron King & MONTY BOY, but no, itís Team MONTY BOY on a 34-yd catch to the Finals. Heat 2 was a real pleasure to watch with a young man of 12 years age taking on two adult men. Chandler Curtis & LOCO. There were no survivors, Chandler Curtis & LOCO to the Finals. Heat 3 took Donald Lang & SHELBY all three throws to pull in a 41-yd catch while Matt Bilderback & BUDDY needed all three throws to get the job done. In the heatís Final Round Kevin Eroskey & BROOK score for 43-yds while the life altering much-feared strikeout crushes Matt Bilderback & BUDDY. A very competitive Last Chance Heat changing hands a few times. It was there for Chip Baker & SEEKER at 51-yds until a 52-yd catch by the last team of Matt Bilderback & BUDDY took away the last spot in the Finals.
Ron King & MONTY BOY saved their best for the Finals, their last throw of the First Round was 52-yds, but it was the bone crushing much-feared strikeout for them. The three remaining suspects were just simply ruthless by using a total of only three throws to axe Team MONTY BOY. In Round Two Kevin Eroskey & BROOK had two throws in the 50ís that would have taken care of business. But NO, itís the bone crushing life altering much-feared strikeout for them. In the Final Round Matt Bilderback & BUDDY seize the lead on their first toss, 49-yds. Chandler Curtis & LOCO got off some nice throws, but nothing more than a 45-yd catch. Matt Bilderback & BUDDY climb back in it through the Last Chance Heat and seal the deal with a 54-yd catch to win the division.
There was a tie for longest catch of the day at 54-yds between Matt Bilderback & BUDDY and Kevin Eroskey & BROOK. In the tiebreaker they both tied at 61.5-yds, so a second tiebreaker came into play. Matt Bilderback & BUDDY on a 60-yd catch won this one.
Heat 1 was over soon for Matt Maynard & ANABELLE with their 42-yd catch. Powerful throws from Darron Barrus & THE MOO made their much-feared strikeout a little painful. Danny Eggleston & GUINAN gave Team MOO the ice-cold axe on nothing more than a 6-yd catch. Then Shaun Johnson & ROYAL take the Finals spot from Team GUINAN by 9-yds. Heat 2 took big catches to get into the Second Round, and 46-yds from Jeff Wright & SADIE was not big enough, gone. Adrian Custer & SIX were looking like they were on the fast track to the Finals until a much-feared strikeout brought some unhappiness to their world. Nate Bednar & MARCY were left exposed on a 45-yd catch in the Final Round. However it took Ron Watson & E Z RYDER all three throws before their 55-yd catch gave them a Finals appearance. In the Last Chance Heat the top 2 teams also advanced onto the Finals. Nobody seemed to want it though because out of 6 teams taking a total of 18 throws, there were only three catches. Darron Barrus & THE MOO got in on a 54.5-yd effort. Matt Maynard & ANNABELLE were hanging by a thread on their 32-yd catch. Jeff Wright & SADIE take it down to the wire by using all three throws before getting in on a 47-yd catch.
The First Round saw Jeff Wright & SADIE score for 57-yds on their first toss. On their last toss they rocked the house with the longest catch of the day, good for 75.5-yds. Darron Barrus then delivered the strongest throwing of the entire day to THE MOO, everything was into the 70ís. Unfortunately for Team MOO, they could not deliver a catch and were scorched by the much-feared strikeout. In Round Two Jeff Wright & SADIE scored for 63.5-yds. It put just enough pressure on Shawn Johnson & ROYAL that they had to go for it. Team ROYAL had one throw that would have done it, and two throws in the ballpark, but their destiny was to be the last victim of the much-feared strikeout. It was Ron Watson & E Z RYDER going first in the Final Round. They made the best of it and grab the lead at 68.5-yds. Jeff Wright & SADIE then flounder with two misses in the 50ís. Ron Watson & E Z RYDER then proceed to bump it up a notch with two throws in the mid 70ís, but nothing scores. Jeff Wright & SADDIE now stand with one throw to give Ron Watson his first taste of the ice-cold razor sharp steel axe of elimination. The throw was clean and right up the middle of the field, and when SADIE came down at 69.5-yds we had the field echo with the ovation of the day. Not bad for a team that squeaked into the Finals through the Last Chance Heat.
A very special thanks to Ron & Amy King for the many years of hard work and effort toward growing the Frisbee Dog sport. Without them the Indiana QUAD would simply not have been possible.
Jeff Hoot, Director



  Women's Div
Paula Kebel  PEE DEE   (31) Yards
2  Carol Herbertz  IGGY POP   (32)
3  Mary Jo Corso  RUDY   (35.5)
4  Heather Bednar  MARCY   (28)
5  Kim Newman  TAG   (26)
Patricia Daugherty  ROCKY   (21.5) (17)
Nadja Palenzuela  WEE LA   (21.5) (15.3)
Sharon Galema  LILY   (21)
Katie Rhoades  BUDDY   (20) (15)
10  Gen Kruzick  RUTH   (20)
Longest Catch  35.5-yds  M.J. Corso - RUDY
  Women's Open Div
1  Tracy Custer  BLADE   (58)
Susan Markham  HURRICANE   (45.5)
Deneane Hart  ARES   (47)
4  Christine Curtis  CAPTAIN JACK   (48.5)
5  Kathy Mills  STEWART NOT SO LITTLE   (41)
6  Misty Wright  SAMPSON   (40)
7  Kara Gilmore  BANDIT   (37) (36)
8  Amy King  REDBONE   (37)
Natalie Moore  DIAMOND   (32)
Longest Catch 58-yds  T Custer - BLADE
  Men's Div
1  Matt Bilderback  BUDDY   (61.5) (60)
2  Chandler Curtis  LOCO   (45)
3  Kevin Eroskey  BROOK   (61.5) (54)
4  Ron King  MONTE BOY   (34)
5  Chip Baker  SEEKER   (51)
Chip Hershey  LEXI   (43.5)
7  Rick Kimball  DUGAN   (41) (38.5)
Donald Lang  SHELBY   (41) (23)
Marshall Smith  BUD   (38)
Longest Catch  61.5-yds  M Bilderback - BUDDY
  Men's Open Div
1  Jeff Wright  SADIE   (75.5)
Ron Watson  E Z RYDER   (68.5)
Shaun Johnson  ROYAL   (57)
Darron Barrus  THE MOO   (54.5)
5  Adrian Custer  SIX   (55.5)
6  Nate Bednar  MARCY   (47.5)
Danny Eggleston  GUINAN   (46)
8  Matt Maynard  ANABELLE   (42)
Longest Catch  75.5-yds  J Wright - SADIE