February  21st  2010
Orlando  Florida


Florida 2010 was a nice reward after the weather punishment we took last year. Warm but not too hot, with a gentle steady tail wind.

Heat (1) came down to Michelle Chenoweth & STORM, Kerry Samet & KITT, and Apryl Lea & KIVA. In Round Two Team STORM almost strikeout, yet the last toss is good for 46-yds. Team KITT almost strikeout too, but a 41.5-yd catch saves them. Itís too much for Team KIVA to overcome and their 40-yd catch eliminates them. In the Final Round Team Storm immediately seize the lead on a 49-yd catch. Team KITT only come as close as 41.5-yds, and itís Team Storm off to the Finals.

In Heat (2) Donna Schoech & JOKER go down with a quick strikeout. In the Second Round Theresa Brantly & ZEN MASTER go 3 for 3 with a best of 38.5-yds. Susan Markham & HURRICANE get a pair of catches that tie things at 38.5-yds. Angela Ewtushik with her borrowed dog RIFF RAFF take just one throw, good for 50-yds, and then watch the tiebreaker from the sideline. Itís Susan Markham & HURRICANE that come out of the tiebreaker. In the Final Round Team HURRICANE get the lead at 39.5-yds. Itís not long before the lead is in the hands of Team RIFF RAFF in the mid 40ís, and they finish it off with a 47.5-yd catch. Team RIFF RAFF goes to the Finals.

Itís Heather Bednar & FLICK starting Heat (2) with a pair of catches, one good for 41-yds. Colleen Hegyi & HAZE need two throws to do something about it, 41.3-yds. Dale Avick & DAZZLE also need two throws to do something about it, 45-yds. Danielle OíNeill & ZEEK need only one throw, 61.5-yds and Team FLICK is gone. In Round Two Hegyi & HAZE go 3 for 3 with a best catch of 46-yds. Normally that will do some damage, but not today. Team DAZZLE and Team ZEEK bring the axe down quick, Team HAZE gone. In the Final Round Team DAZZLE gets off to a pair of catches, both good for 48-yds. It takes Team ZEEK two throws to do something about it, good for 50.5-yds. Thatís too much for Team DAZZLE and itís Team ZEEK into the Finals.

In the Last Chance Heat the teams that were in contention were Apryl Lea & KIVA, Susan Markham & HURRICANE, Heather Bednar & FLICK, Colleen Hegyi & HAZE, Dale Avick & DAZZLE, and Kerry Samet & KITT. None of them however were able to get past Donna Schoech & JOKERís 55-yd catch.

It begins with a much-feared strikeout from Michelle Chenoweth & STORM. There was a question about some sideline interference for STORM, but I did not see it, and nothing was said to me until the last throw of the 2nd competitor later. At that point I found it impossible to award a 4th throw to a team that had a strikeout to start the Heat. The result was Team STORM finishing in 4th place. In Round Two Angela Ewtushik & RIFF RAFF leave themselves exposed on a 44.5-yd catch. Donna Schoech & JOKER are all over it with their throws, but another much-feared strikeout grabs team JOKER and ends their day. The Final Round starts with Team RIFF RAFF seizing the lead on a 54-yd catch. Team ZEEK is breathing all over it with a 53-yd catch. The second toss from Team RIFF RAFF is not as good, yet still a catch of 52-yds. Danielle OíNeill then gives us a 54-yd throw that would have tied it, but itís a miss. Then with her last throw, on a borrowed dog, Angela Ewtushik goes 3 for 3 and extends her lead another two yards out to 56-yds. Team ZEEK gets one out there for 53-yds, but itís a miss, and Team RIFF RAFF wins.

The contenders in Heat (1) were Matt DiAno & MAGGIE, Mark Jennings & MOJO, and Darron Barrus & THE EDGE. In the Second Round Team MAGGIE is looking solid on a 72.3-yd catch. Team MOJO gets a pair of catches, but 64-yds is leaving oneself exposed in this division. It takes Team EDGE two throws to do the dirty deed, 69.5-yds, and Team MOJO is gone. In the Final Round Team MAGGIE makes the bold move and decides to throw first, and it does not work. Team EDGE immediately seizes the lead at 73.5-yds. Team MAGGIE gets off a nice catch on their last throw, yet a 69-yd catch is well short of whatís needed. Team EDGE is off to the Finals, and take their last throw anyhow only to score a massive 86-yds. It holds up as the longest catch of the entire day, on a throw that didnít even need to be taken.

Those in the hunt of Heat (2) were Kevin Eroskey & BROOK, Ron Watson & EZ RYDER, and John Troelstrup & GEO-CANE. Team BROOK dropped from the 60ís in the First Round to upper 50ís in the Second Round, and that left them on the chopping block. A couple of throws later it was over, Team BROOK gone. In the Final Round Team GEO-CANE goes first, and take the lead at 74-yds. Team EZ RYDER makes a pair of throws in the low 60ís that are both misses. Troelstrup & GEO-CANE use their last throw to increase to a commanding lead of 84-yds. Ron Watsonís arm rises to the occasion and gets one out there for 80-yds, but itís a miss, and GEO ĖCANE is in the Finals.

Heat (3) was all about Chuck Hensley & RICO, Rick Rauwerda & RIFF RAFF, and Gary Duke & BAYER. Round Two saw Team RICO miss at 62-yds on their last throw, yet a 42-yd catch kept them alive. Team RIFF RAFF was quick about it, while Team BAYER took all 3 throws to get it done, Team RICO gone. The Final Round starts with Gary Duke blowing a 77-yd catch to BAYER with a foot-fault. They make up for it on the next one, good for 74.6-yds. Team RIFF RAFFís second throw comes within about a foot of tying it, 74.3-yds. Team BAYERís last throw extends their lead, good for 77.5-yds. Team RIFF RAFF get a catch for 71-yds, but itís not enough to keep Team BAYER out of the Finals.

With the Last Chance Heat there were a few with throws in the 70ís. Tim Geib & AUGGIE, Nate Bednar & MARCY, Ron Watson & EZ RYDER, and Jeff Duff & JESSE. In the end it was Matt DiAno with MAGGIE on a 79-yd catch going to the Finals.

This was one of the most impressive Finals ever. John Troelstrup & GEO-CANE go 3 for 3 with a best catch of 76-yds. It is not enough for them to advance, and Team GEO-CANE is unbelievably gone. Team BAYER begins Round Two with only one catch, but itís a whopper, good for 80.5-yds. Team MAGGIE then leaves themselves exposed with a best catch of 67-yds. Team EDGE only uses one throw to bring justice back into their world, good for 76.5-yds, Team MAGGIE gone. Would you like to see the Final Round begin with a throw that flirts with the 90ís?? Thatís just what Gary Duke & BAYER did, barely missing at 89-yds. Team EDGE them misses one at 81-yds. Itís Team BAYER that gets on the board first, their second toss is good for 73-yds. Team EDGE rises to the occasion and then seizes the lead with an 82-yd catch. The last effort from Team BAYER falls as a 60ís miss, and its Team EDGE with the win. We egged Darron on to take his last throw anyhow, and team EDGE ends a 2-day competition with an 84-yd catch. A great way to finish a winterís day under some warm Florida sun.

Jeff Hoot, Director


    Women's Div.
1  Laura Campbell  CRUSH  54
2  Sue Joy  JUICE  51
3  Kirby McIllveen  SKETCH  45.5
4  Sarah Duke  KATE  46
5  Donna Bradley  CHASE  51
6  Tracy Hensley  CHEVY  45 - 43 - 39.6
7  Lara Goldberg  STING  45 - 43 - 38.5
8  Sally Saxton  HASTY  45 - 39.6
9  Liz Lovins  KIT  43
10  Diane Ziegler  TOBY  42
11  Barbara Milledge  BUG  40.5
12  Liz McGuire  RORY  39
13  Joselyn Skaggs  RAYA  36
14  Kat Fahle  MAXIMO  34.6
15  Kristie Moser  HEMI  34 - 31
16  Maggie Reilly  RIP  34 - 29
17  Brittany Hensley  LEXIE  34
18  Debbie Kugler  CHASE  31.5
19  Christy Duff  CRASH  31.5
20  Bonnie Lucas  LEIA  30.5
21  Erika Flores  CIELA AZULE  29.6
22  Stacy McIllveen  INDIGO  29
23  Kathleen Oneil  RIZZO  21
24  Kiera Hensley  RICO  10.3
25  Shannon Riley  LUCI
Longest Catch  54-yds  Team CRUSH - L. Campbell
    Men's Div.
Bob Bradley  CHASE  60.5
2  Todd Bybee  INDY  59.5
3  Eugene Hensley  WENDY  59
4  Leroy Golden  BRUZAIR  59.5
5  Chris Engel  BANDIT  57 - 56.5 - 53.5
6  Tony Bonadeo  CHARLIE  57 - 56.5 - 51.5
7  Tim Eubank  BUDDY  55.5
8  Christopher Steele  RINGO  53
9  Bob Hegyi  JAVA  48
10  Todd Reed  BEAMER  47
11  Michael Dillon  MOLLY  43.5
12  Austin Echlov  KOTA  39
13  Scott Avick  HAZEL  34
14  Jack Fahle  TALI  33
15  Neil Hennessey  DIGGER  32.5
16  Jesus Salguriro  HANNAH
Longest Catch  60.5-yds  Team CHASE - B. Bradley
    Women's Open Div.
1  Angela Ewtushik  RIFF RAFF  56 - 54 - 52 - 50
2  Danielle Oneill  ZEEK  62.5 - 61.5 - 58 - 53
3  Donna Schoech  JOKER  55 - 44
Michelle Chenoweth  STORM  49 - 46 - 45.3
Dale Avick  DAZZLE  50 - 49.5 - 48 - 48
6  Kerry Samet  KITT  49 - 41.5 - 41.5 - 30
7  Colleen Hegyi  HAZE  46 - 44 - 42 - 41.3
8  Susan Markham  HURRICANE  46 - 43 - 39.5 - 38.5
9  Heather Bednar  FLICK  44 - 41 - 37
10  Apryl Lea  KIVA  43.6 - 40.5 - 40
11  Theresa Brantly  ZEN MASTER  38.5 - 36.5 - 36.5 - 28
12 Janice Hensley  RICO  34 - 29 - 27
Longest Catch  62.5-yds  Team ZEEK - D. Oneill
    Men's Open Div.
1  Darron Barrus - The EDGE  86 - 84 - 82 - 77
2  Gary Duke - BAYER  80.5 - 79.5 - 77.5 - 74.6
3  Matt DiAno - MAGGIE  85 - 79 - 72.3 - 70.5
John Troelsrtup - GEO CANE  84 - 76 - 76 - 75
5  Ron Watson - EZ RYDER  81 - 76 - 74 - 63.5
6  Rick Rauwerda - RIFF RAFF  74.3 - 71 - 67.5 - 41
7  Nate Bednar - MARCY  72.5 - 59
8  Mark Jennings - MOJO  70 - 64.5 - 64 - 63.5
9  Kevin Eroskey - BROOK  64.6 - 62 - 58 - 58
10  Tracy Farmer - P. B. ACE  62 - 61 - 54.3 - 54
11  Brian Muck - BAILEY  54.5 - 54 - 51 - 47
12  Chuck Hensley - RICO  49 - 48 - 42 - 39
13  Jeff Duff - JESSE
13  Joe Ryan - MIA
13  Tim Geib - AUGGIE
Longest Catch  86-yds  Team EDGE - D. Barrus