August 9th 2009
Denver Colorado


Great weather and a lot of talent on hand competing is what Denver 09 was all about. At a new location for the first time, we got to listen to the Minnesota Crew singing part of baseballís 7th inning stretch song to almost everyone who suffered a strikeout. Some took it well, while others did not.

A total of 9 teams gave us 3 Heats with 3 teams in each, and one team advancing from the Last Chance Heat.

Heat (1) Gayle OíMalley & SHEELA start with a 45-yd catch. Normally this would be helpful, but Jane Brunton & RINGO and Amanda Guth & MOLLY used only one throw each to send Team SHEELA to the Last Chance Heat. In the Final Round Team RINGO immediately grabs the lead at 58-yds. The 2nd toss from Amanda Guth & MOLLY was good, but just short by a yard, 57-yds. It leaves Team MOLLY one throw to stop the 58-yd catch of 2-Time QUAD Champions Team RINGO. Amanda Guth gave us some magic last year by taking out Christi C Sexton, and she delivers again this year by taking out Team RINGO too. On a borrowed dog Team MOLLY scores a 63-yd catch that takes them to the Finals and to the top few of the Womenís Top 10 list.

Heat (2) Heather Bednar & FLICK begin in the low 40ís, and then on their last throw bump it up to 47-yds. Itís too much for Vivi Brown & MAVERICK to overcome, but they are good for 39.5-yds. Rrie Mills & CROSSBONES (my new favorite dog name) are cranking them out there in the mid 50ís, but no catches. They take it right up to the much-feared strikeout and then score a 51-yd catch to eliminated Team MAVERICK. In the Final Round Heather Bednar & FLICK get going with a 37-yd catch, and it will be their last. Team CROSSBONES then pops a few misses in the mid to upper 40ís. Again, facing the much-feared strikeout, with the Minnesota Crew warming up their voices, Team CROSSBONES scores for 50-yds to make the Finals.

In Heat (3) Kerry Samet & LOKI were victims of the much-feared strikeout, and they took the singing well. In the Final Round Marie Earle & NITRO NANA deliver a pair of catches, one good for 40-yds. Danielle OíNeill & ZEEK were just simply ruthless, two throws and it was over, good for 57-yds and a spot in the Finals.

With the Last Chance Heat itís very hard to advance to the Finals by being the first to throw because the longest throwers go later or last. That is however what Jane Brunton & RINGO managed to do, their first throw was good for 56-yds. Vivi Brown & MAVERICK and Marie Earle & NITRO NANA almost got into the 50ís but upper 40ís were all they saw and it was Team RINGO into the Finals.

Rrie Mills & CROSSBONES start Round One by flirting with the much-feared strikeout again, but on their last throw, itís good for 39-yds. That however will get you some ice-cold axe of elimination in this division, and it did. Team ZEEK flirted with the much-feared strikeout too, but it was Team CROSSBONES gone. Round Two sees Team RINGO get one in the mid 40ís, and then on their last toss, itís good for 51-yds. Team ZEEK grab one for 50-yds, and then take the lead on their last throw, good for 51.5-yds. The moment was ripe for the picking as Amanda Guth & MOLLY stepped to the throwing line, but it ended with singing. Thatís right, the much-feared strikeout, and they took their singing well. In the Final Round Jane Brunton & RINGO get the lead at 43-yds. One throw later Danielle OíNeill & ZEEK are in the lead at 44-yds. On the next throw the lead goes back to Team RINGO at 51.5-yds. With the second throw Team ZEEK steps it up again and the lead is back on their side, good for 54.5-yds. Itís too much for Team RINGO to overcome. Team ZEEK gets their first open division win against a 2-Time QUAD Champion in Denver. Those points allow Team ZEEK to also win the Womenís 2009 QUAD SERIES Championship.

In Heat (1) the contenders were Matt Merring & KENDALL, Mark Jennings & MOJO, and Darron Barrus with THE EDGE. Round Two was a step back for Team KENDALL, instead of something in the 60ís, now it was one good for 44-yds. Team MOJO and Team EDGE made the end come quickly for Team KENDALL. In the Final Round Barrus & THE EDGE go first, itís good for 60-yds. Team MOJO then seizes the lead with a catch of 73-yds. Team EDGE then pops a throw of 74-yds, but itís a miss. Team MOJO fades with a catch in the mid 60ís, but they still got the lead. Team EDGE takes their last throw and come up ever so short, good for 72.6-yds, just a little more than the size of a disc short. Team MOJO is in the Finals.

Heat (2) started with a singing fest for Darrel Earle & NITRO NANA and Sam Ferrans & RUCKUS, both strikeouts. They took their singing well. In the Second Round Nate Bednar & MARCY were in a tie at 63.5-yds with Mike Hanson & MAGGEY until Team MAGGEYís last throw. It was good for 71.3-yds and the lead. Chris Sexton & BANZAI waste no time, one throw, good for 74-yds, Team MARCY gone. The Final Round begins with Team MAGGEY, and they make some noise, the lead at 76.3-yds. It takes two throws from Chris Sexton & BANZAI to get on the board, but itís less than what they want. Good for 71.5-yds, no lead. With their last throw Team MAGGEY bust a move, itís an improvement in their lead at 79.6-yds. The last shot from Team BAZAI falls as a miss and Team MAGGEY has just upset a 4-Time QUAD Champion. Itís Team MAGGEY into the Finals.

Heat (3) starts with the team that has already won the menís side of the series, and is looking for a sweep of the entire QUAD year, Matt DiAno & MAGGIE. Catches in the 50ís with a best catch of 58.5-yds will not get that done. A strikeout by Joel Zucker & BAILEY make it all about Roo Yori & AJAX, Todd Murnan & BELLA, and Frank Rosenblum & PISMO. In the Second Round Roo Yori & AJAX get a lead on a tipped catch at 88-yds. There was quite the ovation when we watched AJAX run that one down. Todd Murnan & BELLA flirt with the much-feared strikeout and then leave themselves exposed on a 52.5-yd catch. Team PISMO ends it quickly with one throw, good for 65-yds, Team BELLA gone. The Final Round begins with Roo Yori unloading an 85-yd throw to AJAX, but itís a miss. Team PISMO gets the lead at 69.6-yds. Then itís another miss for Team AJAX, in the 80ís. Team PISMO extends their lead on their second throw, good for 74.6-yds. Thatís when it was time for the man who is credited for getting the Minnesota Crew to sing to those who strikeout to hear some singing of his own, strikeout for Roo Yori & AJAX. Team PISMO is in the Finals.

The Last Chance Heat in Denver is about the last way you would want to try and make the Finals. The contenders were Darrel Earle & NITRO NANA, Chris Sexton & BANZAI, Matt DiAno & MAGGIE, and Joel Zucker & BAILEY. It took a monster catch of 87-yds to get the job done for Darron Barrus & THE EDGE, and they make the Finals.

Round One has Mark Jennings & MOJO grab a pair of catches, one good for 69-yds. Mike Hanson & MAGGEY also get a pair of catches, but leave themselves exposed on a 63.5-yd catch. Frank Rosenblum & PISMO feel the pressure and almost meltdown with a strikeout, but their last toss is good for 60-yds, it is however the shortest catch, and they now ride the edge of elimination. Darron Barrus & THE EDGE have a shot to do some damage, but they let it slip right through their hands. A pair of catches in the 50ís brings the ice-cold axe of elimination down on Team EDGE. The Second Round was almost a strikeout for Mark Jennings & MOJO, it would have been Jennings first strikeout ever, but they were good for 54.5-yds on their last throw. Team MAGGEY uses only one throw, good for 66.5-yds. Then it was time for some singing to Frank Rosenblum & PISMO. They had one throw in the 70ís that would have done some damage, but it was a strikeout for them and they were gone. The Final Round has Mike Hanson & MAGGEY throwing first, and they get the lead at 56-yds. Jennings & MOJO are just a yard short with a catch of 55-yds. The second toss from Team MAGGEY extends their lead out to 63.5-yds. Low 50ís is all Team MOJO has. A miss by Team MAGGEY on their last throw leaves it all up to Team MOJO with one throw left. It falls as a miss in the mid 50ís and Team MAGGEY wins.

Jeff Hoot, Director



    Women's Div.
Amy Cadena   KIPP   (62)
Tracy Williams   FIONA   (48)
Kirby McIlveen   SKETCH   (43.5)
Abby Cline   PETEY   (51)
Kellie Hanson   COOPER   (55)
Christy Fisher   BUDDY   (49)
Alycia Pentencio   AIRES   (44)
Clara Yori   WALLACE   (41)
Sierra Best   SHAE   (39.3)
10  Nicole Brisse   CHEYENNE   (39 - 36)
11  Cally Sumpter   ZENNY ROCKSTAR   (39 - 24)
12  Tania Lex   JUN   (37 - 35)
13  Emily Northrop   FRANKIE   (37 - 33.5)
14  Shelly Winsworth   GRADY   (36.3)
15  Katie Brisse   ZIPPER   (36 - 33)
16  Tracy Hensley   WENDY   (36)
17  Jennifer Moore   PISMO   (35)
18  Deb Williamson   LEXI   (34)
19  Jennifer Brisse   CHEYENNE   (31.5)
20  Brittany Hensley   BRUSIER   (29)
21  Jeri Lawrence   SHADOW   (27.5)
22  Stacy McIlveen   BLITZ   (24)
23  Amy Hotchkiss   ORA   (23)
24  Cathy Whitney   ABBY   (11)
25  Denise Koster   JOE
Longest Catch  62-yds  Team KIPP - A Cadena 

Women's Open Div.
Danielle O'Neill   ZEEK   (57)
Jane Brunton   RINGO   (58)
Amanda Guth   MOLLY   (63)
Rrie Mills   CROSSBONES   (51)
Marie Earle   NANA   (49)
Vivi Brown   MAVERICK  (48)
Heather Bednar   FLICK   (47)
Gayle Schroeder   SHEELA   (45)
Kerry Samet   LOKI   (32)
Longest Catch  63-yds   Team MOLLY - A Guth 

    Men's Div.
Scott Amman   TOBY   (68.3)
Adrew Han   SOLAR   (62)
Peter Boyle   LUCY   (68.5)
Brandon Burris   SERGEANT   (61.5)
Robert Wyman   KIT   (59 - 58)
Jeff Mueller   BANDIT   (59 - 46.5)
Eugene Hensley   WENDY   (59)
Chris Engle   BANDIT   (57)
Mark Seyfried   RUDY   (56)
10  Jeffrey Obrien   ROCKSTAR   (54)
11  Clint Marlow   CASEY   (51)
12  Tony Bonadeo   CHARLIE   (50)
13  Ken McCormick   CODY   (49.5)
14  David StClair   FLASH   (48 - 45.5)
15  Brent Broadstone   GUS   (48)
16  Russell Friesen   BUDDY   (47)
17  Mike Miller   RT   (44 - 42)
18  Paul Winsworth   GRADY   (44)
19  Brian Bruzek   ROCKET   (43.3)
20  Ruben Travis   BELLA   (43)
21  Brett Johnson   HUMPHREY   (41.6)
22  Charlie Lawrence   SHADOW   (41)
23  Josh Grenell   WAZEE   (40)
24  Austin Eghlov   BANDIT   (38.5)
25  David Brisse   GABBY   (23.5)
26  Doug Dornseif   FLY GIRL
26  Leroy Golden   KARMA
26  Larry Hotchkiss   ORA
26  Jeffrey Johnson   ZOEY
Longest Catch  68.5-yds   Team LUCY - P Boyle

Men's Open Div.
Mike Hanson   MAGGEY   (79.6)
Mark Jennings   MOJO   (73)
Frank Rosenblum   PISMO   (80)
Darren Barrus   EDGE   (87)
Roo Yori   AJAX   (88) (tipped catch)
Chris Sexton   BANZAI   (80.5)
Nate Bednar   MARCY   (79.5)
Darrel Earle   NANA   (75.5)
Joel Zucker   BAILEY   (75.5)
Matt DiAno   MAGGIE   (75)
10  Todd Murnan   BELLA   (67)
11  Matt Meiring   KENDALL   (63.7)
12  Jon Sullivan   CHEYENE   (61.5)
13  Mark Brisse   ZIPPER   (57.5)
14  Sam Ferrans   RUCKUS
15  Russ Green   ZOE
Longest Catch  88-yds   Team AJAX - R Yori