August 11th 2002
Denver Colorado

WOMEN'S DIVISION  In the 1st Heat, Christi Goodman & Rider just managed to keep Collen Hegyi & Maggie out of the Finals by 1/2 a yard. In the 2nd Heat, Brittany Fulle & Harley stopped a hard charging Lynn Hoot & Superconductor by 1 yard. In the 3rd Heat, Sierra Lyman & Achoo held off Sherry Gacke & Ding. In the Last Chance Heat, Emile Hale & Scooby joined the Finals with a 47-yd catch.

It was shocking to see the Women's World Record fail to be broken after Kathy Mills gave us a 61-yd toss on her one throw for heat order placement.

In the 1st Round of the Women's Finals, Team HARLEY began with that much feared strike out. That made it easy on the 3 remaining teams, and Team HARLEY was soon the first to depart. In the 2nd Round, Team ACHOO left themselves exposed with a short 32-yd catch. After 2 throws Team RIDER stood with nothing. On their last toss, Team RIDER kept their 3-Peat dream alive with a squeaky 32.5-yd catch. Up next was Team SCOOBY. They were in the drivers seat by qualifying for the valuable 4th position with the longest catch up to that point. It did them no good however as a much feared strike out ended up on their plate. In the Final Round Team ACHOO began with a miss while Team RIDER jumped out to a lead on a 36.5-yd catch. The 2nd throw from Team ACHOO was good for 34.5-yds, but not good enough for the lead. Team RIDER then expanded their lead on a 41.5-yd catch. It was too much for Team ACHOO to overcome, and the 1st ever 3-Peat in QUAD history became a reality for Team RIDER.

INTERMEDIATE DIVISION  In the 1st Heat, Shane Hartson & Outback held off Mike Carr & Mcleod. In the 2nd Heat, Darrel Earle & Wonka were strong enough to stop Bob Hegyi & Buster, but only by 1.5-yds. In the 3rd Heat, Jerry Westergard & Hala came out ahead of Jeff Mueller & Bandit. In the Last Chance Heat, Brent Broadstone & Gus had a very strong round and advanced to the Finals with a 47.5-yd catch.

In the 1st Round of the Intermediate Finals, a strike out by both Team WONKA & Team HALA brought on the tiebreaker. It was Team HALA that managed to move on with a 57-yd catch. In the 2nd Round, Team GUS had 3 throws in the mid 50's and higher, but it was the last much feared strike out of the day, and Team GUS was gone. In the Final Round, Team OUTBACK came up with only one catch, good for 53-yds. Team HALA on the other hand went 3 for 3, and their last throw was good for 64-yds, the longest catch, and 1st place n the Intermediate Division.

OPEN DIVISION  In the 1st Heat, Chris Sexton & Laika came up with some timely catches to advance past Dave Hale & Shep. In the 2nd Heat, Bill Keller & Biggs fought off Mark Jennings & Skyler (who had a perfect round of 3 for 3 and a long catch of 69.5-yds). In the 3rd Heat, Tom Clements & Taylor used their very last throw to advance with a 61-yarder past Alan Thibodo & Jasper. In the Last Chance Heat, the last position of the Finals was ripped from the hands of Tom Wehrli & Twister by none other than Alan Thibodo & Jasper by 2-yards.

In the 1st Round of the Open Finals, we had 3 California teams against 1 Denver team. First on the chopping block was Team JASPER, they had a fine round with 2 catches, but 59-yds was not enough to avoid the axe. In the 2nd Round, Team BIGGS needed something more than 60-yds after 2 misses. On their final throw, Team BIGGS scored for 66-yds, and that gave the ice cold axe of elimination to Team TAYLOR. It was a carbon copy of last year's two teams in the Final Round. Team LAIKA took the bold move of deciding to throw first, yet it resulted in a 76-yd miss. Team BIGGS also delivered a miss, 68-yds. The 2nd throw from Team LAIKA left them in very bad shape, as they once again had a miss, 71-yds. The 2nd throw from Team BIGGS was good for 66-yds, not real long, but good enough to put all the pressure on Team LAIKA. They were up for the challenge though, Team LAIKA, the hometown team, scored for a 72-yd leading catch with their last throw. The ice cold axe of elimination then fell on Team BIGGS as their last throw fell for a 66-yd miss.

Jeff Hoot, Director

                            Women's Division
1 Christi Goodman  RED ROCKET RIDER (46.5)
2  Sierra Lyman  ACHOO (45)
3  Emily Hale  SCOOBY (47)
4  Brittany Fulle  HARLEY (45)
5  Colleen Hegyi  MAGGIE (46, 45.5)
6  Kathy Mills  SONNY BOY (46, 42)
7  Amy Krieg  BLAZER (45)
8  Robin Northam  RIP (44)
9  Tanya Bateman Keil  NADA (43)
10 Sherry Gacke  DING (43, 34)
11 Cameo Hartson  DUNDEE (43)
12 Lynn Hoot  SUPERCONDUCTOR (42)
13 Amanda Guth  KAYLEIGH (41.5)
14 Marie Earle  BO (40.5)
15 Pennie Mahon  BANDITA (40)
16 Becky Mueller  FLYGIRL (34)
17 Connie Carstens  CALI (30.5)
18 Linda Borock  MICKI (25)
19 Mary Clements  BEN (24)
20 Alex Westergard  HALA (22, 20)
 21 Jennifer Brisse  CHEYENNE (22, 18)
22 Tracy Williams  ANGUS
22 Sarah Collins  SADIE BELLE

                            Women's Longest catch 47-yds E. Hale - SCOOBY

                            Intermediate Division
 1 Jerry Westergard  HALA (64)
2 Shane Hartson  OUTBACK (54.5)
3 Brent Broadstone  GUS (56)
  4 Darrel Earle  WONKA (56)
  5 Bob Hegyi  BUSTER (52, 50.5)
  6 Mike Carr  MACLEOD (52, 46.5)
  7 Jeff Mueller  BANDIT (49)
      8 Frank Kerchner  GOLDIE (48)
 9 Doug Chase  MOLLY (44)
10 Bruce Brantley  CASEY (42)
11 Blair Corning  HANNAH (39.5)
12 Tom Martin  MOLLY (39)
13 Rick Brydum  BARNEY (37.5, 36)
14 Collin O'Malley  SHEILA (37.5, 33)
15 Chandler Gray  KOBE (36.5)
16 Charles White ll  MOLLY (36)
17 Mike Miller  PRIZ (36)
18 Chuck Roberts  McCALLEN (31.5)
   19 Pat Mahon  BANDITA (31)
20 Jake Yacovetta  DIVOT (29)
 21 Dave Collins  SADIE BELLE
21 Steve Glasgow  MADISON
21 Brian McCune  DREXL

                          Int. Longest catch 64-yds J Westergard - HALA

                          Open Division
                          1 Chris Sexton  LAIKA (80)
2 Bill Keller  BIGGS (73)
                          3 Tom Clements  TAYLOR (66)

4 Alan Thibodo  JASPER (64)
  5 Mark Jennings  SKYLER (69.5)
   6 Dave Hale  SHEP (66)
7 James Commuso  BLU (62.5)
8 Tom Wehrli  TWISTER (62)
9 Mark Brisse  GABBY (53)
10  Eric Borock  JESSIE (50)
   11  Joseph Jones  KYLIE (31)
12 Kevin Obrien  SEAMUS

                          Open Longest catch 80-yds C Sexton - LAIKA